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Brandon plays the slide whistle
Go Brandon go
Playing "Me and Bobby McGee"
Brandon plays a mean slide whistle
You can't play with one hand!
James looks on
Brandon goes crazy
Brandon gets some beer
An awful flash picture
Hi Michelle!
A totally insane picture of Brandon
A toast!
Brandon ripped his pants
Workers on the new dorm
They're putting bricks on now
Nearly done!
The first stage of my machine
I would've made $100 off this machine. Too bad the opp went down
It worked pretty well
The marble ramp
Brushing my teeth!
Brett blinked!
Chris taught Topology for the day
Go Chris go
The RAs are making chili!
Hi Mel!
A big bucket of chili!
Sauce lid
Mel stirs the chili
Must stiiirrrr
Stiring the lame vegetarian chili
Hi Mel!
Mike, Bryce, and Brett play a round of magic before chili
Mike's making cofee!
Bryce looks over his cards
Mike's got coffee
Looks like he needs it
Bryce gets a new deck
Mel and Jane prepare some food
Cornbread muffins!
Cornbread... bread!
Mel cuts out muffins
Chili pots
Empty sauce jars
Oops, forgot to rotate.
A pile of keys, swipe cards, and cell phones
Cutting out muffins
Mmm, muffins
Cutting muffins!
Mel gives me a look
Preparing food
Mel serves some chili
Mel and Jane get some chili
Brandon's got some chili
James and Brandon are having a good time
Mel gets her own chili
Mel liiiikes chili
Oops, forgot to rotate this one too
It would be way too much work to fix the rotation on this so.. deal with it.
Brett joins in the fun
Brett was our official southwest expert
What do you think, Brett?
Jane gets some chili, and Mike's here!
These creeps were standing right behind me
Hallo Bryce
A good way to start of AUSA weekend I suppose
Mike gets some chili
Mike.. turns around?
Not many people ate the donuts
Brett kind of leans back in a weird way..
Brett gets some pie
Bryce looks through the window thing
Mitch showed up too
Bryce gets way too close
Mike sneaks into the little window thing
Megaflash on James!
Brett tries to hide behind a corner
Bryce is getting beord
A damp morning in November at Clark University
Neat sky
Professor Rudolph sits in the back
Eric taught the class today
I guess Prof. Rudolph doesn't like the way this class is going
Prof. Rudolph gets comfy
He later knocked the desk over and startled everyone
Snazzy socks
You are viewing images from 11/17/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 90 pictures.
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