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The wall of macros grows at work
An awful picture of Brandon and Nugget
Nugget's standard suspicious look
Hay guys
Brandon plays with the phlat-ball while working
Magnetic darts!
Phlat ball in the air!
Fun with bags
Fun fun fun
Brandon looks inside
The new building site was wide open
New building!
It's almost done
I like the window setup
A weird scaffold
A pineapple!?
Why is there a pineapple near Dana?
Oh yeah, I'm wicked cool
Party in the suite!
Brandon.. does something
Mel walking along
Heeey Mel
There's Mel's look!
Mel's starting to get weird
Walking along
Crazy Mel!
Sitting on the stage
Looking out at the chairs
This is where Mel sits sometimes
The stage
Weird storage room
Wicked creepy prop
THis place is a mess
File cabinets
Get it? Get it?
Mel is hiding in the mess
Found youuuu
Hey! A BB gun!
Mel looks for costumes
Mel at work
Working working working
Worst graffiti ever
View from the stage. See Mel?
I look stupid
A hawk!
Hallo hawk!
He sat there for a while
Before haircut, hair in my eyes
Before haircut, hair normal
Mel is cold
Cutting my hair!!
My hair is all wet
The first cut
Mo looks outisde
Mel grabs Mo
Mo looks over there
Mo struggles
Mo makes a break for it
Ah, sweet freedom
A statue on a building in Providence
Cranes in Providence
Wow! That! Sounds! Cool!
Aw, so close
Tuns out I took a picture of this sign in January too
The neato ceiling
The train is coming
Playing with my zoom lens. Hi mom.
My mom's kind of lame jack-o-lantern
Matt snaps a shot of me shuffling
Matt the Mat!
Matt got a new camera
Camera fight!
You are viewing images from 11/23/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 84 pictures.
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