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My mom near the door
Real classy. (We wanted them to take the barrels)
Start with a card..
Align thusly
Hold three together
Slip the last one in place
The top of my creation
Definately has fractal potential
Becky hanging out
Strawberry's in a box
Strawberry likes his box
He seems to be reconsidering
Hi Strawberry
A crazy bird on my fridge
Strawberry moves in
My mom doesn't seem too happy about it
Strawberry smells around
A pretty good picture of her
Isabelle looks at my mom
It kind of looks like my mom is killing Isabelle.. but she's not
What's that!?
Waiting at a stop light
There he is again!
It's the mooninites!
Adult Swim had an awesome light up bill board
As seen from farther away
Nice billboard
James snaps a few shots
James strikes a pose in front of the mooninite billboard
Yep, that's me
Strawberry on the couch
Barely awake..
Don't look so.. morose..
Back to sleep
Becky on the couch
Nice laptop sticker, Becky
Becky hates these pictures
A ultrasound of my heart!
Beany drew this a while back
Mel's diagram of why I'm not allowed to wear hats. My mom hates it
The new building is nearly done!
Workers on the building
A nest
Pictures for selling my laptop on eBay
The back of my laptop
The last picture of Hyatt you'll ever see. Bye Hyatt!
Professor Rudolph looks extra crazy in this one
Hmm, I wonder who was in the room
Mel's hallway project for November
Too bad she never finished it!
Bag full o' laptops
Bailey and Mel
It's Mo!
What the hell is this!!?
Mel's ready to fight Pikachu
Bailley and Mel in a cutout picture thing..
Yeah, you guys are cool
A thing on a radio tower
As Snake said before me.. "A surveillance camera!?"
Mel's got some containers
That's.. great
Bailey with my gun
Whoa, calm down, buddy
Mo investiages the duck
Not quite sure about this..
Maybe just one smell
Mel's got the duck all packed up
Good to know..
The moon!
Some of my best moon shots
Trickky to do..
The moon
A less good moon
The moon... again
My setup for studying. I brought this chair from the math common room
I couldn't resist..
Me sitting on the nice chair in the hallway
Through natural selection, my wardrobe is almost entirely black.. with one blindingly orange shirt
You are viewing images from 12/06/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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