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Ooo beakers
Chris carefully measures out some chemicals
They've all been carefully measured and are ready to go
More blue liquids
A syringe for extracting small amounts of liquid
This shot was staged. The green liquid had no purpose
The small beakers in the big beaker
Chris measured out some more stuff
Jars, bottles.. whatever
I love this sign
Some.. crap
Look at all the.. rocks?
Gas handle
Some gloves and safety glasses
Gloves, safety glasses, and a little data
A model of a crystal lattice
If you look at it the right way you'll get a hexagon
Hexagon tubes!
A terrible shot of a material Chris made as soon through the microscope. Best I could do!
The same compound
It looks better with just a straight macro image
Magnetic crystals!
It took a long time to make this little pile
If you look at the lattice another way you get a square!
Square tubes
Sounds like a party to me
Chris carefully brings some beakers across the lab
Don't bump them!
Chris sets down the beakers so he can get the door
In this closet they won't get vibrated as much
Setting up light
Gently adding water
He shoots the side rather than right into the water to reduce vibrations
Some older beakers
The fluids are starting to rise
Chris looks over some data
Showing the magnetic properties of some crystals
This was a good sample!
I loooove liquid nitrogen
Some.. magnetic sensor thing
This guy guards the equipment
A lever..
Why even have it?
Some digital display
A webcam
A climate controlled box
Inside the box
Some wires in the box
An empty beaker in the box
More stuff in the box
Some other... equipment
This if for sale if you want it..
Sensing magnetic fields?
More equipment
Another large magnet machine
Beakers in beakers
Another syringe
Crystals ready for harvesting
So many crystals
Very delicate
This ad cracked me up
Chris adds some info to the log book
Log book closeup
More log book
Starting to harvest crystals
Once the liquid drains, you've got crystals!
It takes time
Big cyrstals on the rim
These crystals are pretty big for this kind of work
A good drop!
A drop in action
Nice ripples
Bigger ripples
An even nicer ripple set
The best drop I got
You are viewing images from 12/08/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 88 pictures.
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