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This sticker was falling off my laptop so I took a picture of it just in case
Me writing my Maxwell paper
Where I was working for a few hours
This might come in handy for the final
Prof. Rudolph has his ropes out again
A diagram of a knot
Brandon and Igor
Josh and Brandon
Monty is hiding
Why is Monty hiding?
Igor explains that being an assassin "isn't that bad"
Michael and Nugget listen incredulously
"You gotta figure"
Walking back to Carlson
I won't be working for ITS next semester, so I guess I won't see these guys as often. It was a good semester guys!
Some group had a wicked lame one day hunger strike
A one day strike? Sure. A hunger strike? OK. A one day hunger strike? STFU
Cid is so violent
Hi Mel
Mike in the fog
Some foggy lights
Dana Commons
I nearly got robbed taking these pictures
Long exposures are fun
Mike's green laser in the sky
Mike plays with his laser
Look carefully and you can see what Mike wrote on the building
Mike in the fog again
The laser with better batteries
An ad for Uncle Social
Brett waiting to get into Jefferson 320
Waiting for the show to start
Jason, Mel, and Branden look at the Uncle Social site I made!
They seem to like it
Looking at the site some more
What's over there?
Mel's dad came too
Brendan points out where the screen is
Mel shows her dad the site
Jason and Mel
Jason meets Mel's dad
Dave's here too!
Mel looks around
Mel prepares for the show to start
Most of the Uncle Social crew
Introducing the show
The Uncle Social Crew
The Uncle Social crew introduce the show
They are kind of ordered by height.. in a pyramid
Dave gives someone in the audience a look
Jason claps
Mel and Brendan
Jason is too tall
Brendan and Jason
Mel's ready to start the show
Dave talks about something. Maybe the raffle
Jason looks eager
Brendan's got the raffle bag
People pick numbers
Jason looks creepy
Mel has a number
The lucky winners got Tab and beans
A non-zoomed shot
Mel's dad and Bailey
Some insane comic drawn by Clark James
Bryce's comic response to James' comic
Bryce with his comic
Protoman came to visit
Other..megaman.. villain man
You are viewing images from 12/16/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 75 pictures.
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