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Visual puns.. blue moon
Tough cookie
That's how the cookie crumbles
Dead as a doornail
Fun with spherical mirrors
What's in there?
Self portrait..
Look at all the money I'm taking home for debt and Wii!
OK, they're not all 50s
It was still a lot of money
Strawberry's waiting for Christmas morning to start
Becky wakes up
Isabelle looks at me
Hiding behind bars
My mom takes a sip of coffee
Isabelle looks to see what Strawberry is up to
Isabelle on a railing
Hi Isabelle
Strawberry watches Isabelle
She won't fall
Isabelle looks fat in this picture, which is strange for a cat
Both the cats!
Hiiii Isabelle
Becky opens some presents
Becky tries on her new hat
Christmas party at Uncle Michael's house
Uncle Michael's got a printer
My grandmother's laughing at something
Becky poses near the tree
Becky near the tree
Aw, what's wrong Johnny?
Aunt Meredith looks around
Aunt Diane checks inside the oven
Wicked creepy Santa robot
Danny gets some food
Aunt Meredith accidentally pushed the cork into the bottle
Sitting around
Yankee Swap presents
Aunt Meredith is clearly thrilled
Waiting for the Yankee Swap to start
Uncle Michael takes some pictures
"Smile Ma!"
There you go
Uncle Michael takes some more pictures
Too bad those pictures were flash
Aunt Meredith opens something
Everyone's having a blast
Danny got to pick last and this was his choice
Aunt Diane opens a present
Uncle Michael gets his turn in the Yankee Swap
What could it be?
"The Partidge Family"
Aunt Meredith insisted that she has a similar CD and listens to it often
Gragra disappears behind a present
She's being eaten!
Thar she is
She got a DDR knockoff
This was soon traded away
Becky wouldn't leave me alone until I took here picture
Johnny is a jerk
Becky demands more pictures
Becky looks around
A "Facebook" picture
A "Myspace" picture
Leave me alone, Becky
Johnny hides
Johnny hides even more..
There he is
Becky and my mom
Becky and my mom pose again
Uncle Michael's got a spiffy new hat
Missy seems to be having the time of her life
A jolly looking crew
Uncle Michael seems amused
Becky poses with Santa again
Becky gives Santa a kiss
All the dolls are the same size!
No really!
They really are the same size!
Foooooled youuuuu!!
The view from behind
The Prudential as seen from the train
That other building
You are viewing images from 12/30/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 93 pictures.
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