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Mel's got breakfast!
Hi Mel
Mmm, muffin
Mel shows off Sketches new art
Very nice, Sketch!
Hanging out behind the screen
This was my view for about 12 hours
Metro circle!
Security Ball!
Patrick mans the soundboard
Mel watches some random dubbed anime
Lots of people showed up to First Night
Headless puppet!
A similar puppet... with a head
Oh no! This puppet fell over!
A creepy giant puppet
Giant puppets!
The Anime Boston registration staffers
The Pruduential
Patrick as Al peeks out at the audience
Nice helmet
Al as a shadow puppet
Mel's foam head vs Al
Patrick in his helmet again
FMA! Whooo! Too bad it was dubbed
Mel and Patrick talk to the audience
Mel starts the FMA costume contest
There were no FMA cosplayers so they took any cosplayers
The participants line up
The audience near its largest size
Mel did a great job entertaining the crowd
Did I say Mel? I meant A-chan
Patrick looks bored
Some costumers
Costume contest
The winner gets an FMA dvd
I'm not sure what they're supposed to be..
The Card Captor girl threw her costume on in less than a minute
Al looks on
Mel examines the cosplayers
The lineup again
Sketch looks on
Patrick lunges at, I mean, indicates towards, Card Captor Sakura
She got the most applause
Card Captor girl won!
Looks good!
Sketch somehow took over the sound board
Mel... does something
Mel changes into A-chan's fancy dress... by pulling it over her clothes
Way to go Mel
People out on the street
People watching the people out on the street
Formal A-chan!
Looking good Mel!
It's actually her prom dress, it just lucked out
She's all crazy!
A-chan's got a spiffy hat
Sketch and Patrick
A-chan tries on her hat
Sketch makes a ridiculous face
A 15 second exposure
One episode of subbed anime pretty much cleared out the room
Free T-shirts!!
Sketch and A-chan watch the t-shirt chaos
Patrick throws t-shirts into the audience
Freeeee t-shirts!
Sketch and A-chan
A-chan poses with some guy
Someone takes a picture of A-chan
Sketch with his spiffy hat
A-chan shows off her strength
Reagan talks to A-chan
Mel fell asleep on her face
Only for a few minutes
Sketches' spiffy hat is too big for Mel
It falls all the way over her nose!
Mel's last audience interaction of the night
People in the audience
Mel talking to people
It was a tricky trivia question
Did someone get it?
Someone eventually won the DVD
Patrick in the back of the room
Still waiting on someone to get the trivia question right
The crowd is back!
Lots of people
An ice sculpture that used to be ducklings
It's been melting for a while
Why did they give Spidey such a big package?
It's midnight!
Midnight toast with Mountain Dew
Happy New Years!
You are viewing images from 01/01/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 96 pictures.
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