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Mel makes a face while driving
Rainy traveling again!
The cars threw mist into the air
A creepy billboard
A crappy picture that shows how the top of the Prudential is in the clouds
An underpass
Some buildings under construction
A crane with a flag on it
The Zakim Bridge
A neato picture of the Zakim Bridge
The tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel
That cool painting building
The windmill
Generating electricity!
Mel starts her Zelda embroidery project
Cutting the material
The drawing of what she's going to make, with annotations
Putting the hoop in place
A closeup of the hoop
Mel working on embroidery
Mel's got a lot of work ahead of her
Working on the stitches
A closeup of the stitches
I have rediscovered gimp
I made a twisty keychain!
It glows in the dark
A happy birthday cheesecake!
This was the only candle we could find
I blew it out
Mo with a princess hat!
Yay Mo!
Mo runs away with a hat on his butt
Mel got me a NASA shot glass from my birthday
She also got me an autographed picture of Story Musgrave! Awesome!
Bailey's christmas present from Mel: the bacon wallet
The llamas! They've escaped!
My double tornado stitch
I invented it myself
Pretty neato, huh?
AA batteries for scale
My mom got me an ID bracelet for my birthday
Finally! Now I won't die
Becky waiting to be seated for dinner
Mel looking at something
Mel is surprised
There I am
My mom is laughing
Becky keeps making faces
My mom makes a funny face
Becky's got a drink
Becky keeps posing
Thumbs up Becky!
Me and Mel
Mel made a crazy face
Mel cannot stop making crazy faces
OK, mines a little crazy there too
Fun fun
Mom and Becky
Could it be? A decent picture of my mom?
Becky won't stop moving
I made this thing out of business cards
A tangle of gimp!
Mel's gimp hat
Beginning the braid
First loops
Another angle of the loops
All put together!
This project didn't really work...
My grandmother and Uncle Chris
My sister's name is way bigger than mine
Creepy nutcrackers
The world's scariest nutcracker
Strawberry and the round pillows!
Strawberry and Isabelle!
They're sitting on top of each other!
Isn't that cute?
Strawberry and Isabelle sitting together
Me opening something
My grandmother
My aunt and uncle got me a cool hat from India but it doesn't fit
I also got binoculars!
Cool stuff! Thanks!
Becky has some card
She got some clothes from India
It's neato
A pile of crap
My binocular case
My binoculars
My grandmother and Mel
The hat fits Mel!
You are viewing images from 01/07/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 99 pictures.
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