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My temporary liquor ID
WTF is this!?
A nice sky
Neato sky
Creepy creepy doll
I bought a baseball and had the cashier sign it for me
Mo looks out the window
Bailey peeks over a chair
I got this in the mail the other day
It's a card
Awww, thanks Wikimedia!
Brett got 10 packages in the mail! And he didn't order them!
Bryce came to help move them
The mail room
Brett talks to the mail people
They let us come in to get the boxes ourselves
A bunch of huge boxes!
What is this??
Bryce helps out
The pile of boxes was actually taller than this mailroom staffer
Lets find out what's in the box
Bryce and Brett speculate
What could be in there?
"What the hell?"
It's more boxes!!
2 of 10!
Brett loads some boxes into the elevator
It's a tough fit
Come on Brett!
Bryce carries even more boxes by hand
"Get in here Bryce!"
Bryce crams in
Reaching for the button
Each box has 20 boxes in them
Some boxes near the elevator
Bryce and Brett didn't get out in time so had to go back up and come back down
Brett pulls the boxes out of the elevator
We decided to load the boxes through the window
Here comes the first box!
"Doh!" the window closed!
First box gets in
The dolly we used
Brett comes over to help return the dolly and find the one box we lost
Heyyy Brett
By the time we got back Bryce had made a fort
"You'll never break in!"
Brett with a completed box
Brett with one of his 200 boxes
We immediately set to work making boxes
Brett looks in each box first
Watching Animal Planet
Putting boxes together!
Fold it half way...
Then remove the adhesive strip and put together!
The box forest tipped over
So many boxes!
I tried to make a chair
The box pile
Brett's going to try to sit down
And there he goes
I made a weird octobox
So many boxes!!
The view from the hallway
Mel lies down in the pile
It's not very comfortable
I crushed them all and threw them away
This looks like a lot, but we still have about 140 that weren't assembled!
Brett borrowed my camera to take and print and ID pic. He took this picture of the printer thing
Brett's ID picture for his professor
Bryce looks at something
Tony's going to try juggling
Blurry ball
Tony's juggling!
...kind of
Bryce is all blurry
Flash picture of thet bals in the air
Good catch!
Tony's getting better
Come on Tony, you can do it!
Juggle juggle juggle
Bryce watches Tony
It finally snowed!
Brett lets the ifinger puppets do the talking for this marketing book
"Mii mii miii mii miiiii"
Bryce takes a drink
"What're you talking pictures of?"
How's the water Bryce?
What's over there?
Someone came in
Bryce takes a moment to.. sit
Smashley talks about.. something
Alicia and Brett
We're waiting for Pictionary to start
Smashley talks to Alicia and Brett
Rosie is here too!
Brett and Rosie
Brett thinks something is funny
Smashley has some of her pina colada
Smashley hates most of the Pictionary challenges. "What!?? No!"
Brett starts drawing
Bryce doesn't seem to be having fun
Smashley signs my baseball
Bryce's autograph
Smashley's autograph
Rosie's autograph
Brett's autograph
I'm not sure who wrote this one
Pictionary fun
Smashley's having a blast!
Rosie and Brett won this time
Bryce looks disgruntled
The Pictionary board
The hourglass
Rosie's turn to guess!
What could it beeeee?
Brandon's autograph
Time for the hookah!
It's just tobacco, folks
Rosie takes a hit off the hookah
Smashley and Brandon
Brett and Alicia
Smashley gets some smoke
Brandon takes an angry hit from the hookah?
Brett gives a suspicious look to the hookah
Alicia, Rosie, and Smashley
Smash makes a weird face
Bryce watches his AMV on my iPod
Smashley's turn again
You are viewing images from 01/21/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 134 pictures.
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