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Mel's mom asked for "Little Miss Sunshine", a movie, for her birthday. Instead, Mel got her Bichon puppy (her favorite breed) and named it "Little Miss Sunshine".
Brett did part of his Japanese homework on my whiteboard, so I made a monster eating it
An oscillator
It does not oscillate on its own
John, one of my classmates
What's he got?
A doodad
This integrated circuit has for NAND gates inside
We need three
Now that the IC's are in place, we have to carefully put the wires in
Very delicate procedures
It's coming together
Now this wire goes over here...
It looks like a face!
Attaching power for the other NAND IC
The orange is going to be the output
Blue wires everywhere
More wires are in place now
The red wire is the antenna
Capacitor in place
It's coming together!
Jon was taking my picture..
There I am hard at work
Too bad I had the schematic backwards
John, Breecher, and Jon working
Getting it to work..
Reversing my damage
Pointing to an IC
More wires...
A bunch of wires ready to go
Jon looks at something
Breecher strips a wire
Jon takes the wire..
.. and places it on the circuit
You can see the schematics on the right
Breecher watches
Monty helped too
NiThis guy is on a bulletin board in the Sackler Center
I think he's cool
Monster man!
Nice license plate!
Little Miss Sunshine
"Sunny" for short
It's hard to get a picture of her
She's always moving
Don't look so morose
She's got a towel
And a toy thing
Looking at the toy thing..
What's over there??
Mo and Sunny
Sunny's on the move
Mel's mom has Sunny
Sunny is very light
Mel brings giant Mo over
Placing Mo down..
Mo's all ruffled up
Mo and Sunny smell each other
Mo doesn't really like Sunny
Sunny is indifferent towards Mo
Mo tries to back off
Mo tries to run away!
Mel has to hold on to Mo
We put Sunny on top of Mo
Mo's not sure what to think about this situation
Mo does not look happy
Time to leave
Mo is not pleased
Humping frogs!
These are on Mel's dashboard
Well I thought they were funny
Mel's mom brings Sunny out for a walk
Walking around outside
Sunny looks around
She has a tiny leash
Walking over here
She didn't seem bothered by the cold
Mel's mom with Sunny
Backing out of the driveway..
Bye guys!
Ahhh a barrel in the street!
Chocobo road?
You are viewing images from 02/08/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 86 pictures.
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