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A laser bouncing?
Ah! It's me!
Bryce, Brett, and Tony playing a game
This is right before we moved the room around
They're playing Ultimate Marvel Alliance
Tony's into it
Bryce in the hall
Brett locks the door
Brett walking along
Waiting for Tony in Johnson
Flash picture!
"Come on!"
Some people at the party! Note that the girl on the left has my card!
I don't know these people
Pose everyone!
Brett seems alarmed
Some people at the party
It's Dan! Great party!
Bryce and Tony are in the corner
Another alarmed looking Brett
People around the table
A flash picture of some guy I don't know
Bryce is very sophisticated
This picture was immediately proceeded by "Hey Laura! Metal Gear Solid movie!"
Bryce on some bench
Wicked creepy, Bryce
Bryce tries to open a door
"Maybe my key will work"
Needless to say... it didn't
Bryce runs up to Freud
Oh Bryce, you've sunk so low.
Someone left Netflix on the floor!
I drew this while drunk
Bryce drew this. I signed off on it
A vaguely neat picture of a box
Brett looking around
Mel's bowl. Hey Mel, come pick up your bowl
Our new Goku poster. It looks pretty good doesn't it?
It's all dots up close
My sweet new Professor's Cube (on the left)
It's snowing!
You can kind of see the snow falling..
Brett eats a LOT at dinner. This is two hamburgers and a hot dog. He went on to eat three chicken patties...
Some awesome new microchips
They're very powerful
Too bad I ordered the wrong kind..
The leads are so small I can't use them
They still look neat
Look how small these are!
This baby can create and receive ethernet packets
It's thin too!
My PIC16F877As
Normal sized but.. square.
I also got a few PIC16F84As, but they were too small as well
Again, they still look neat
The Port of Worcester?? Last I checked Worcester is like 50 miles inland
Sunny in our room!
Get the tennis ball!
What's over here
Sunny checks around my desk
Bryce playing Manhunt.. I threw tennis balls at him
Bryce is concentrating
The Dual Shock 2 controller
You are viewing images from 02/19/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 68 pictures.
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