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Isabelle and Strawberry!
Aren't they cute?
Isabelle's looking around
What's over there?
Isabelle closeup
A helicopter flying over the mall
James plays on one of those projector games
You can step on books or something
Up close you can see the pixels
James steps on the game
No Wii's in stock, but plenty of PS3s
This is not a plushie!
The projector game again, this time in the Liberty Tree Mall!
It's not really that much fun
James plays again
The Jumpy Thing
I take a picture of James taking my picture
Let's take pictures of Rob!
Hahaha, again, no Wii's, but they've got eight PS3s
Stupid PS3
James is a Guitar Hero
Looks like he botched a note
He got pretty good at it
Some kid on The Jumpy Thing
James selects a DDR song
He ended up doing A, Orion, and Drop Out
James DDRing
Step step!
Rob says "I think I can win at Skiball"
Rob watches as James melts to death
It's like a first person shooter!
This photo wasn't even staged
James takes a break after Drop Out
Time to get up!
Someone had already put money in this machine!
James is going to be all that he can be
We found a broken gumball machine
James is making faces
James makes a creepy face
This "Zoltar" obviously used to be a woman
Look at the painted fingernails and rings!
It even has lipstick on! The beard is just curly hair put on the face!
How weird is it to buy Magic like this?
Rob has Zabusa's sword!
James is a Guitar Hero again!
Go man go!
Good horsey
A ray gun!
Awww, isn't that cute
James is ashamed of the previous picture
Jack McCoy?
Gimli's actually a big fan of Brigham's
You could go to the Liberty Tree Mall and turn left at the Jumpy Thing. Past the Shrine of the Silver Monkey....
Bilbo stopped by too
James has a hat
These shamrocks just get weirder and weirder
Time to poke Rob!
Cover your ears!
This was the best name they could come up with
James gets ready to suit up
James is psyched
Getting suited up!
James is flying!
The guy jumped on to help James get some momentum
Look at him fly
Having fun!
Jumping through the mall
James does a backflip
Jumpin' James
In the midst of a double backflip
Coming out of a flip
Jump for joy!
James is having a lot of fun
Now he wants one in his house
Rob didn't want to do it
Getting lowered
You are viewing images from 03/06/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 83 pictures.
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