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My reading light
The white LEDs are very bright
And it runs off a 9 volt battery!
I threw a perfect game in darts
My desk is kind of messy
Brett watching a movie
Hi Tony
Brandon takes aim
Careful Brandon!
Smashley and Scott, who was here visiting
Smash yells about something
Brandon and Scott
Brandon drank a lot of wine
Hey look, it's Nick...... great....
Hanging out!
Everyone's looking everywhere!
Lookin' around
Brandon puts the squishy pillow on Smashley's head
Poor Smash
And that's how you do that
This really seems to ask "Why not kill yourself?"
A part of my microchip arsenal
I got a silicone cover for my Wiimote
It's neato
Helps you hold on to it
There's one for the nunchuk too
This area is kind of a mess
Chips and crap everywhere
This is supposed to make an LCD say.. .anything. It doesn't.
Bryce poses with one of his latest creations
Making a face..
You can practically feel the emotion
Bryce seems displeased with his nose
Hahaha, I really like this one. "You played Haruka Kanata"
I put some white lights on my bed
They are very very bright
These lights work their way through the spectrum
It takes 30 minutes to do one cycle
I ordered something from and it came in this weird box
Note the "All Electronics" label, and the "Hot Sauce" label
Swipe card reader, capacitors, LCD screens
LCD screens and.. lots of other electronics
Cases, solder, soldering iron, multimeter..
7-segment displays, LEDs, resistors, buttons, a motor
Jumper cables, resistors, speakers, etc
My huge LCDs
A few circles and chips
Some new tools
Lots of chips and my new LCD
Swipe card reader
JDM Programmer
Now obsolete since I have the Microchip programmer
You are viewing images from 03/25/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 56 pictures.
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