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These people walked by my window
I ran out to get some pictures of them
They talked for a while here
And off he goes
"Jesus" seems pretty psyched
The dude in the orange was beating on him
Brett nearly tied my strike record (7 in a row)
My new smoke ring gun
A closeup of the fog chamber
The Zero Blaster
The fog liquid holder
Two tanks. After a while the empty tank fillls up and you have to transfer the liquid to the full tank
It takes a lot of batteries, 6 AA's
There are three triggers. The small one on the bottom turns on the heater. The big level pulls fog into the chamber. The trigger fires a ring
There are a few speed settings
Filling with fog..
Fog's leaking out
A small ring
It's hard to shoot towards theh camera with one hand
Leaking out..
Smoke ring!
Look at it go!
From the side
A squiddy kind of smoke ring
Another ring, these are taken with a flash
Lots of rings!
The one in the middle looks like a heart!
A slower ring
Another slow ring
A ring with no tail!
This one got all warped while I tried to take its picture
Brett sure looks menacing
Charging up..
Ring from the side
A fainter ring
Note all the fog gathering around the laptop
Brett takes another shot
A nice solid ring
My new tool
It makes sparks at 3000* C
That's only about 2000 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun!
My keyring
It has various tools to make it quieter
My Ninja Remove, a universal TV remote
I caught the common cold!
He hangs out on my monitor
My swipe card reader
I haven't had much sucecss with it
It beeps if you swipe a card the right way
My new PIC programmer
It rocks
Some AIDS demonstration in Red Square
Lots of buckets
This picture made it into the school newspaper
Lots of AIDS buckets
AIDS buckets in front of Jonas Clark
A bucket
Lots of rows
Poor Freud
What the hell does this even mean?
The buckets used to all have candles in them.. some still do
Loooots of buckets
You are viewing images from 04/04/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 70 pictures.
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