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I started taking some black and white photos in this batch. I think they're neat
It's that time of year again. Tour groups!
I nearly died on this corner when there was a car accident and a car came flying towards me
I put Chernobyl up on the wall in the Networks Lab because my project was a complete disaster
IO Processor and the ancient computer we're using
The caf at dinner
The big screen was down
Someone knocked over like 100 bowls
Mel won Clark Idol and also won the worst picture ever
The article about her victory
I took some pictures trying to see if I could get in the paper. I did.
I won this from the Bistro staff by solving a Rubik's Cube in 76 seconds
Cool clouds coming
Lots of snow!
A creepy flyer
My grandmother sent me a card
Very funny
The fog gun is good for making clouds
Cloud of fog!
It gets pretty thick
Brett firing off a fog ring
Storing extra fog in the chamber
A little fog ring
Fog ring!
Some deformed rings
A pretty big ring
Brett goes into rapid fire mode
They're coming after me!
I title this one "The Strike"
Bryce is pretty happy about it
Brett hanging out
Bryce's latest temporary poster: Kratos on Ninja Warrior
Kratos doesn't look too psyched
The minotaur does
Brett's got a pretty l33t skill level
Bryce shook up a bottle of soda and opened it: spraying it everywhere
He got his shirt all wet..
He figured it was a good opportunity to sit around with no shirt
That's great, Bryce..
I figured out how to mail origami
I included one of my special marbles
I drew a happy face on Bryce's back
Brett looks suspicious
Self portrait?
There I am..
I went to some lecture on compilers
The topic of the lecture
Tim Richards talked to Prof. Chou
Prof. Chou
A solar system thing
Prof. Breecher
Prof. Morris looks like he's plotting something
Prof. Breecher explains a project
Prof. Breecher continues his idea
Don't look so down, Breech
Prof. Chou introduces Tim..
..who "needs no introduction"
Tim points to something on the screen
Tim continues his lecture
Professors Chou and Morris listen
Prof. Joyce looks like he's having a fun time
I sent him this picture. His response: "Such hair"
Prof. Xuan came too
This time in color!
Prof. Breecher and JM
Hippies are crawling out of the woodwork again
A last little bit of snow
If you put your hand like this and keep your knuckle down... can't lift your ring finger
I finally enriched my uranium
Get it?
Some kind of post-it thing
Lots of "TODOs"
This one's real popular here on the Clark campus
Looks like someone Brett would get along with
Good call
That's gross
Count it!
Haha, Masspirg is dead!
With an airplane? Or not
"Now this is the way to play Wii"
Very nice, Bryce
Such posture
I'm getting more autographs on my laptop
My sweatshirt isn't doing so good
All fixed!
Vlad struggles with Breecher's insane test
JM isn't having too much fun either
Go Vlad go!
This is what the test looked like..
Prof. Chou at work
JM's project
JM at work
Vlad and Prof. Breecher
What's going on in here?
Vlad and Prof. Breecher.. again
JF and Christine
Prof. Breecher takes a look at JM's project
Explaining how to hook up the batteries..
Vlad coming down the hall
JF and Christine
Vlad is crazy
Vlad and Prof. Green talk about something
Gotta love Prof. Green's spiffy hat
Prof. Breecher explaining something
Don't ever EVER hit the red button
Some LEDs
Vlad looks on as people work on stuff
Vlad looks surprised
JM putting stuff together
Prof. Breecher talking about something..
Prof. Breecher looks on as everyone works
Everyone working..
You are viewing images from 04/12/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 118 pictures.
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