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Some construction in the Lasry Building
Chris gave a talk on plasma math in Numerical Analysis
Ice 9, no doubt a reference to the recent death of Kurt Vonnegut
A mysterious shipping container. Turned out to be full of windows
Our IDs are so faded that me and Brett almost look the same
Rosie's sister and a friend
Rosie's sister takes a shot at the Wii
Tony with one of his "girly drinks"
Rosie helps out
Wii is fun
Bryce makes a face with his "Ragin' Red" drink
I got all classy and bought some Crown Royal
It comes in a bag
And a fancy bottle
Nice cap too
Brett made his own grapefruit juice
That's pretty weird, Brett
It was so it wouldn't shoot him in the eye
Time to feast on the entrails of his kill
We found this monstrosity in a bag of tostitos
What is it?
It was pretty big
Blackstone is nearly done
A concrete mixer thing
Someone dropped a bunch of bricks
Some yellow goo?
There are frames around most of the windows now
I ran into Brandon and Smash
Hey guys
A quick pose
Coming over to see the picture..
The back of Bryce's car is a mess
Bryce's trunk
There are so many empty hot dog containers
A bag of trash..
Bryce cleans up
He filled a whole bag
Brett and Tony hang out
Leather jacket club?
The front of Bryce's car isn't much less messy than the back
Tony found a gross shirt
And threw it at Brett!!
Tony thought it was funny
Bryce driving
A comic on the side of a building
This is a messed up statue.. it's right in front of Worcester City Hall too!
A carnival
Some cops
The carnival again
We found Becky!
Tony's all squished up
Driving along
Becky makes a weird face
Becky checks out Worcester
"Why do you keep taking pictures?"
"Stop it!"
Becky made it to our room at last
Hanging out at my desk
Playing some Wii
A firetruck was outside for a few minutes
Following Bryc'es car to a bowling alley
Oh yeah?
Tony driving
Our destination
That bowling alley stunk, so we left
Walking back to the parking lot
A funny store across the street
Bryce's car
Tony and Brandon
Brett standing around
Brandon in theh parking lot
Red light
Bouncy bouncy
Almost got it!
Fusion AH!
Brett 's about to tip over
My spiffy shoes
Becky gets some water before bowling
Brnadon stands around
It's candlepin, but it's still fun
The teams are formed..
It turned out to be campus dwellers vs. apartment dwellers
Disaster on frame #1!
Becky's having fun
Team Apartment stands around
The owner explains the rules of the game to us
He was a wicked cool dude
Bryce listened closely
Smashley headed down the lane to pick up the rogue pin
Eveveryone standing around
The camo goes well with the bowling shoes
Someone snapped this pics while I was bowling
I didn't do too badly
Here I go again
I had to go get a bowling ball
Becky's new bowling technique
Bryce approaches the line..
..and away it goes!
Imminent impact
Brett's turn
Tony let's one go
Smashley's ball is still in the air!
Becky's technique worked out pretty well for her
Brandon takes a turn
Tony prepares himself
The ball's a blur!
The whole group
Tony's lines up another shot
The view from the bowling ball holder
Some bowling balls
Bryce looks angry
"Haven't you ever heard of a candlepin before?"
Becky and Brandon bowling
A fresh frame
Smashley and Becky
Smash looks down the lane
Brett's technique didn't help him out all that much
Tony blinked!
We broke this rule a few times...
Brandon and Smashley watch the game
Brandon wasn't too happy with his game
Bryce lets one fly
Smashley's down the lane again, but was stopped by the structure
She was afraid to get the pin
"It was loud and scary!"
Disaster for the pins!
Another ball comes back
Pin chaos!
The final score for Team Campus, game 1
The final score for Team Apartment game 1
We were all really good at getting the pins on the ends
Bryce watches someone bowl
Becky looks like she's having fun
Bryce does some kind of crazy dance
Team Campus, game 2
Bryce's Japanese ID makes him look totally insane
Becky's BSC ID
Smashley and Becky pose
We realized that Bryce makes the same face no matter what he's impersonating
This is probably a fish or something
Brandon and Tony
Me and Becky pose
Smashley prepares the hookah
Brandon puts on some music, which Bryce insisted on playing through the TV
Brandon takes a hit from the hookah
Smashley's turn
Becky made me take a picture of her kissing this bottle but she didn't even drink it
Sitting on the couch
Becky, Smashley, and Bryce pose
Bryce is tkaing a nap or something
Tony explains something
Bryce looks more and more insane in every picture
A weird flash picture of Brett
We took the couch out of the common room for the night
It was pretty sweet
Becky's a really sound sleeper so me and Brett made funny faces near her and took this picture
Becky doesn't seem too thrilled by Clark's brunch, then again, who would be?
Not Brett.
Clark James on video Skype
Spree Day was inside this year
There were a lot of people in the UC
It was madness!
People near the stairs
People gathering around Tilton. Note the bouncy castle inside
Everyone on the stairs
Brandon tries some Super Mario World while Bryce watches
Smashley doesn't seem too psyched. Bryce is into it though
Tony and Rosie have a toast while Brett watches Wii
And drink!
That was fun
Brandon watching Wii
Clark James had a virtual toast with us!
Like a true college student, Tony eats two slices of pizza at once
Bryce in the chair
They already beat Super Mario World!?
Bryce gave Clark James the Bryce Eye View
Tony helped him to steady it
Brandon's got the cmaera now
Brandon ate some pizza to make Clark James jealous
He didn't make him jealous
But he did creep everyone out
You are viewing images from 04/18/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 188 pictures.
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