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Hello everyone! I'm going to warn you right now that I'm not very good with names, so if I misidentify you, or don't identify you at all, please by all means e-mail me at That goes for cosplay characters too!

Since you're viewing this page that probably means that you are interested in Anime Boston stuff! Well you're in luck since I've got a camera, and I've been to every Anime Boston. Here are some handy dandy links to other events:

Anime Boston - First Night 2007
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This year I'm breaking up the con by day, so to see the other days of the con, click on the following links:

Anime Boston 2007 - Day 0
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If you're here early these links might not work yet so be patient!

This batch is the first real day of the convention! The con goers are here in the thousands! There's cosplay galore, fun events, videos, all kinds of great stuff. There aren't too many cosplay pictures today since I'm not quite yet in the "chase down cosplayers and demand pictures" mode.

Also, I don't know the names of any of the guests, so if you'd like to shoot me an e-mail with the picture's ID (the number on the left under the picture) and the name of the guest, I'll be glad to fix the caption.
Anime: A family event!
A Rock Lee with Mentos! A reference to McKeed's video!
Con goers!!
People filing in for opening ceremonies
A row of people waiting for opening ceremonies to start
There are a lot of people here
This is where the sprinkler head broke
I moved up to the balcony
The whole place is nearly full!
Tech staff on the sound boards
B-kun and A-chan address the audience
Their theme this year is "matsuri" or "celebration"
The mascots on the big screen
The con chair and vice con chair.
Keith and Andrea
Free stuff!!? Rush the stage!!
One of the Japanese guests
Cool jacket dude
Cool jacket dude stands on the side
Another Japanese guest
This guest is tilting his head
Another Japanese guest
Looking around...
Greg Ayres is here every year!
He loves this con
Good call Greg
The crowd and the screen
Another American guest
Dub guest..
She seemed pretty psyched
"My fellow americans.."
Funny joke
It's one of those producer guys
He has another big announcement this year
Luci Christian was really psyched about being here
Another American guest
We have a lot of guests
He was pretty funny
Guest talks..
The con chairs on the big screen
The stage..
An impromptu skit with the English voice of Roy Mustang imitating his character
Very funny guys
A guest on the big screen
A griffon!?
Kingdom Hearts (?) and FMA
We record all the panels thanks to McKeed..
Haha, this is for you Brett
Testing microphones before a panel
Japanese guests arrive!
The panel had a pretty big crowd
Patrick was the panel moderator
People in the audience asked questions
Patrick on the table
One of these guys was a director on Ranma 1/2
They were pretty funny
Luci Christian
Among other things she's the English Princess Tutu
Speaking of Princess Tutu!
Awesome costume!
Luci Christian and some guy
Solid Snake!
A bunny thing!
Haru from FLCL! Freaky eyes!
Meanwhile, in Tech Ops..
Chii and Freya
McKeed at Anime Boston!
He's selling pins and stuff
McKeed yells at Bryce for not coming
The Paper!
Nice costume
Very funny Sketch
Nice Jiraiya costume
Peach and Mario!
He's got a 1-up!
Lara Croft took a break from tomb raiding
Rei and Asuka are back!
Really amazing plugsuit costumes
Apparently the 5 button isn't all that popular
My new FMA watch
I don't even know if the inside is accurate. Ah well, it's stil neato
My "?" box pillow! If you hit it it makes the coin noise from Mario
I bought a Longcat pin set from McKeed
Some planes with signs
There were three planes
Digital zoooom
I can't really read this one
Looking through my water bottle..
Airplanes lining up to land
15 second exposures are fun
Metal Jesus!
Oh no!! Pedobear!
Kankurou and some of his puppets!
Pretty impressive costumes
There was a small impromptu photoshoot
These guys stood here until they got 100 pictures. I was #94
San looks like she's eating a kill in the corner
People standing around one of the new plasma screens
Behind the Main Events screen
Sitting at the Tech station at Main Events
The default screen
People filling up the auditorium
AMV Ballot, second side
AMV Ballot, first side. The AMVs kind of stunk this year but there were some gems
Seras and Alucard!
The 4chan crew
Don't open Pedobear's box!!
He taunts us with it
The 4chan panel
The guy leading the 4chan panel
He just kind of yelled a bunch of memes
It kind of stunk
You are viewing images from 04/20/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 116 pictures.
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