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Hello everyone! I'm going to warn you right now that I'm not very good with names, so if I misidentify you, or don't identify you at all, please by all means e-mail me at That goes for cosplay characters too!

Since you're viewing this page that probably means that you are interested in Anime Boston stuff! Well you're in luck since I've got a camera, and I've been to every Anime Boston. Here are some handy dandy links to other events:

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This year I'm breaking up the con by day, so to see the other days of the con, click on the following links:

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This batch covers Saturday at Anime Boston 2007. Here's the deal... it's huge. It's really really big. Over 600 pictures. I know that it's really bulky and difficult to deal with, so I'm working on a solution. The catch is that it's the end of the semester so I have no free time to work on it. You can view the pictures all you want right now, but if you come back in a couple of weeks it'll have a much nicer interface. Anyway.. enjoy the pictures! And sign the guestbook!!

No captions for now, I just wanted to get the pictures online. I'll start adding some captions here and there. If you have any that you'd like me to put up, e-mail me at
Cosplayers freaked out the normal people at the Sheraton
All staffed up and ready to go
This dude had the same camera as me
The Green Ranger!
Poor Desmond, Tech Ops became an anti-shrine to him by Sunday
That bastard Dr. Cube was there
An FMA group
The same FMA group with no flash
Lots of people on the first floor
Barret and Aeris
A Final Fantasy photoshoot
People kept joining the group
The costumes were really impressive
I got a picture of a flash going off again!
I have no comment on this cosplay..
People gathering around
More Final Fantasy people..
A summon or something? Cool costume
Is there a wedding today?
Ah! Camera eye-contact!
Red and white coat person! Yeahh.. I don't know these names
More people showed up
That guy from Final Fantasy X.. I think
Turks, Tomberry..
People keep joining
Pose everyone!
Dude with a ball
Keep that pose..
Panning around...
People taking pictures
Nice rifle
Hojo's following over!
Cool costume
Some bad guys
Turks and Aeris!
Poor Aeris
Another picture of a flash!
Hey Tomberry! Leave Aeris alone!
Kind of a fourth picture of a flash, but indirect
Crazy.. mask, thing?
These two look intimidating
Crazy head
Nice mask
Tomberry's still after Aeris
Helping dress girl with her dress
Bride on left
...briiide in middle
Bride on right
Bride on right is having a good time
Cool costumes
Barret had my camera too
Titus attacks a bride!
Soccer ball man too
Titus proposes
He looks pretty psyched
Titus is still proposing
Hold that pose
Looking pretty happy
Thumbs up!
Titus is getting frisky
Titus is having fun
Time to sit down
Sitting around
More people are in the group now
The group is really big
It keeps growing!
Zooming in a bit..
You are viewing images from 04/21/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 696 pictures.
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