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If you know the names of Blue Robe, Red Robe, Black Robe, and Yellow Robe... please let me know.
This looks pretty suspicious
I decided that eating one of these was probably a bad idea
It was pretty nice out!
Trees are budding
Look at them go
Waiting outside the Lasry center
Cool lighting
The UC
15 second exposure from the ground
A creepy exhibit that had live feeds from all over campus
Hey, I know that name
Tilton was busy
Tilton from above
This was the image people were treated to before we started out slideshow
Some guy tries to talk to Bryce
Doesn't Bryce look thrilled to see Nick?
Anthony and Professor Valentine
More people showed up than I expected
The end of the slideshow
We're in the Academic Spree Day book!
Yes, that book
This was was cleaning his tail
He was also trying to hide from the rain
Have I been spotted?
I doubt it, I'm 40 feet away and inside
Squirrel on the move!
He's falling over!
He's alright!
Haha, note the date on this one
Razzo hall is pretty nice
A kind of panorama thing of Razzo Hall
President Bassett talks to someone
Bassett walking around
People gathering in the audience
Chairs of destiny?
Bassett checks out hte podium
Some tech guy did something
Invisible high five?
Guys in PhD robes
Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize winning physicist
Blue Robe looks lonely
Luckily Red Robe came to visit
What started as innocent picture of the audience ended as a really freaky picture of some girl
Good crowd
Nice T-shirt, Frank!
Loving the sneaks too
Red Robe stands around
Basset and Black Robe
Frank looks at notes or something
Black Robe looks around
Frank looks a little suspicoius
Blue Robe won't look at me
Red Robe is looking to the side too
Yellow Robe is looking too, there must be something interesting over there
Bassett fixes his hat
Blue Robe up close
Bassett talking to the audience
I was the only one in the front row for a while
An abandoned cell phone
All the professors sitting around
Black Robe gives a short speech
Bassett seems to be having a good time
Yellow Robe told a long story about some Clark physicist
Yep, the podium
Bassett seemed to be getting a kick out of it
Bassett holds Frank's honorary degree
Red Robe sets it up
Blue Robe's not really involved
Bassett's super psyched
Frank waits for his degree
Red Robe continues his delivery
Yellow Robe.. takes a nap?
Basset's ready
Red Robe wraps up
Bassett has something to say
Blue Robe attacks!!!
Ohhh he's just giving Frank a hood
I guess it's OK then
Frank gets his degree
Everybody claps
Frank looks pretty happy about it
That didn't last, Frank's off changing out of his robe and there's his degree
Good ol' Normal Frank
Setting up his powerpoint
That's the name of the slideshow
This is what empty space is full of, quantum fluctuations
It was a big screen
This is pretty much all of science
Frank the slideshow man
He looks like a mad scientist with his glasses lit up like that
Click the button!
Go Frank go
Unification <3 SUSY (super symmetry)
Brain = internet? Hey, that's an assignment! Oh nooes!
Frank stands on stage after his slideshow
Bassett tells us to all go outside Razzo Hall to meet up with Frank
Here's some information about who Frank Wilczek is
It's pretty long
It was hard to talk to Frank in the crowd
There were lots of people there
Frank tells a story
This thing scared the hell out of me
I didn't want to get anywhere near it in case it grabbed me
My MCLR, what's the deal??
You are viewing images from 04/27/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 105 pictures.
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