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Brett says "no pictures!"
Taking a look at my MCLR circuit
Bryce looks around
What's over there, Bryce?
Bryce and Brett wait for drafting to start
Bryce has got some chicken nuggets
Brett sitting around
Bryce explains something
Bryce takes a drink
Something funny?
Some guy Brett and Bryce know
Some model thing
Haagen Dazs messed up their t-shirts
Some model
A giant magic card?
Hi Bryce
Brett talks about something
Bryce looks all royal.. and.. like he's eating
Creepy closeup Bryce
Brett looks incredulous
Bryce up close again
My booster packs
My first opponent was Brett!
Bryce watched us play
Bryce shuffles
Hi Bryce
Brett and Bryce played a game
Brett's not focusing on his game
Now Bryce isn't paying attention
Third guy watches their game
I found a NERO sign! ..And me!
This game sounds like a blast
Bryce pour himself another drink
Bryce, stop doing shots
Brandon laughs
Bryce's creepy feet sticking out of my bed
Bryce emerges from the cave!
Bryce looks... so creepy
Tony got in on the action
Hiii Tony!
My counting project, with one digit
Longer exposure
LED displays are fun
Two digit counting!
Nice clouds
I put this up in my Physics department
It wasn't there two days later...
Blurry frisbee!
Jump and catch!
A cryptic error message..
Chris has a new hat.. why?
Ah ha! He lost RPS so I got to take a picture of him as Harry Potter
People looking at my website!
"Hey! He's taking a picture of you"
Alina's internet premiere?
Wtf? A tent?
These guys were hanging out in front of Dana
The new dollar coins
It has writing on the side that makes it look like a chocolate coin
The back of the coin
Vlad makes a call
Heap, our backup system
Oh yeah, this looks safe
What the hell happened to the Dana Commons lounge!?
This door is on the radio station thing
A funny moment from the Scarlet
My favorite part of the Scarlet.. in fact, the only part worth reading
Yep, that's James driving by
A hawk or something, and the reflection of my camera
Strawberry looks awfully suspicious
He's already lost interest
Practical philosophy?
Ah, Jupiter. We meat again
Me and Jupiter hang ou
This graph seemed pretty funny
Mel drew the red, I drew the blue. I made it funny
Farewell, Squaro
What's that picture above the white board?
Oh right, that funny picture of Vlad I printed
Steve is hard at work on math projects
Clark James is back!
Bryce and Tony sitting on my bed
We missed you James!
Random fireworks!
This is why I carry a camera around
You can tell it's windy
Stupid trees
Red streamers
Everyone kept calling me to get me out of the lab!
It's a DDoS attack!!!
OK guys, you win. Here I am
Air band?
Smashley looks scared!
Bryce looks more scared!
Brandon looks all crazy
Everybody pose!
Everyone on the couch
Clark James makes some sort of hand gesture
It's like, a fractal party!
Couch fun
Clark James' shirt is coming off!
Very nice, guys
Funny joke
Tony's having fun
Brett and Clark James talk about something..
Clark James and Smashley dance!!
Make way for Smashley's dancing
Brett tries on someone's glasses
Serious Clark James
Brett tries on my glasses
Tony with a jug
Smashley kind of dove into this shot
Brett tries Smashley's glasses
Hey Tony
Brandon looks angry
Air guitar!!
Bryce and Clark James make faces while watching the camera outputon the TV
An intense looking Clark James
Bryce looks pretty scared
Clark James dove into the shot!
Brandon like normal..
Brandon.. when he knows the camera's pointed at him
Everyone sitting around on the couch
Brett shows off his muscles
Bryce looks upset... Brett doesn't
Intense Clark James again
Smashley dances!
Nice face, Clark James
Smash and Brett pose!
Everybody pose #1
Everybody pose #2
Everybody pose #3
Ahhh Brandon is scary!
Clark James is psyched, Bryce attacks Brett
Check out Smash's guns
The Raptor lives up to his nickname
Ahh! Don't hit the fan!!
Nice face, Clark James
Bryce is panicked!! he isn't
Sneaky Bryce
Posing Brandon
Bryce looks creepier than normal
Bryce looks at the camera output
Clark James sits in the corner
"One minute!"
Clark James likes TV?
Pictures of me??
Brandon snuck up behind me
I'm a ninja
I took another picture of a flash going off!
Smashley ruined the pose!
Showing off gunnnnns!
Very nice, guys
Everyone on the couch!
Moar partyyyy!!
Lots of drinks
Brett's got the headband on
Brett's a ninja!
Tony ninja's up
He's got this ninja thing down
Nice hat, Bryce
"Touch her elbow!"
Two priceless expressions
Heyyy Brett
Smashley dances!
Go Smashley go!
Can you feel the energy?
Oh Brett, you've sunk so low
Smash and Brett show off their guns
Two semesters of weight lifthing is paying off, Brett
Clark James tells a story
Nice hat, Tony
Fun on the couch
Brett looks... goofy
Bryce and Brandon
What's up, Brett?
Brandon's tipping over?
Another classic pose brought to you by Brandon
Clark James busts a Rock look
Bryce is crazy
Smashley found the dress
Rosie, Tony, Alicia, and Clark James on the couch
Bryce makes another weird face
Funny joke?
A somewhat frightening Brandon
Clark James makes all kinds of weird faces
Very nice, Clark James
Funny joke!
Toast of some sort?
Clark James dancing
Dance dance dance!
Go Smashley go!
Brett's drumming!
But not really
Clark James joins as a guitarist
Go air band go
Brett's getting into it
What is this band missing?
Ah yes, a sax player. Thanks Tony!
If only they had instruments...
...and some fans...
...and some skill...
Time to pose!!!
Pose pose pose!
Time mto get the guitar out of the way
Group shot!
Posing and dancing!
Go Smashley go
And the dancing continues
It's me!
You are viewing images from 05/06/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 230 pictures.
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