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Clark James and Bryce sing me a song
They're not very good
Steve thinks over his next move
What now, Steve?
It's the moon
Look at that moon
It's a big moon
Moon moon moon
The moon over the intersection
A car at the intersection
This is where I was... all night
At least I had my chair
I spent 17 hours straight in the lab
An analysis of Risk?
The moon again
It's lighter out
The moon over the Lasry building.. it moved quite a ways
Bluer sky..
Lasry Building at sunrise
While Clark James was drunk he left this.. cryptic.. message on Brett's laptop
Apparently the new dorm comes with Graboid defenses!
Alina and Steve signed my laptop.. much to Alina's distress, Steve added something
Aliva's revenge!
"How can you write that on someone else's laptop!?"
Tony came to work on his paper
Work work work
Hi Tony
Tony's sleepy
...and covered in Post-Its
Haallooo Tony
I wrote this on the board before our Numerical final
I found a place for all my pictures
Brett packs up
It didn't take long
Bye Brett! See you in the Fall
A McDonalds with the golden arches!
We went minigolfing
Session 9?
James has a club
You can't hide from me, James
I had the blue ball
Rob came too
James takes pictures
Balls on the green
Some kind of crazy crap
Rob takes his turn
James watches on
A big hole in the middle of the course
Fountain and river
This is how people in the 1800's combed their hair
We all ended up right next to each other
James takes a break on the bridge
James hit the ball waaay off course. See it by his foot?
A little tai chi?
Oops, took this picture a little bit too early
James found this messed up golf ball
Someone really wailed on this
A duck!
The duck's walking away
James follows the duck
The duck doesn't like James
The duck was more afraid of James than me since he went running past me
The duck retreats to the water
I can still take your picture
He's coming towards me!
Bye, duck
James is making waves
Get out of the river, James
Fountains are cool
A helicopter!
Lots of golf balls on the driving range
Signs in the distance
James and Rob standing around
This can not end well
Oh James, you've sunk so far
A crazy car crash on the highway
I hope everyone was OK
Strawberry smells Rob
Rob seems indifferent
Strawberry checks out this box
Rob looks kind of like Zabusa
Whoa! Relax!
Strawberry checks out my backpack
Another strange face
This strange face brought to you by Rob
Strawberry is helpless
Poor kitty
Now he looks comfy
Rob busts the Rock look
Rob's just walking along
Strawberry found a lap
Hi Strawberry
Strawberry looks at James
Old and busted..
New hotness
Guess what I watched first...
My old boom box.. too broken to use, off it goes
Best buy has a huge pile of PS3s
Strawberry sits on James
My birthday / mother's day card to my mom
It's meee
A bird on a power line
Hello bird
He's about to fly away
Gotta love the focus blur
You are viewing images from 05/16/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 109 pictures.
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