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Strawberry sat on my feet
He's sleepy
One of these things is not like the other.
My poor boom box. It was my first one
It's too bright for Strawberry
He apparently likes sitting here since he came back
Rob found a hat
Some kind of trippy LED fan
It makes awesome pictures
James raves it up
It makes cycloids!
James can see forever
Fun fun
The first wooden airplane. It worked pretty well
Some cool clouds
Geocaching! GPS says to go that-a-way
This path led off a main road.. seems about right
Getting closer
Mosquito breeding city..
Uhhhh, getting pretty lost
Is this a path or a river?
I'm in the middle of the freaking woods with no path. This did not go as I expected.
I got so close!
Parachute dude
He lives on the window
Rob's got mail
It's his tax return! Whoooo
Get in the car Rob!
A helicopter
The pieces of the wooden airplanes
The assembled plane
Rob preps the parachute ball
Oops, it opened while spinning it
They think their cool with their bigger airplane?
The parachute ball opening in the air
Trying to throw it to James..
James swinging
James twists in the air
Nice dismount?
Rob preps the ball again
James tried throwing the plane from the swing
Hi Rob
The helix ladder
James attempts to hide behind the airplane
Gravity is backwards!!
The plane was so biased towards flying left we eventually pulled the wing out to the "C" to make it fly straightish
This is what it looks like after a crash
It actually flew for 8 or 9 seconds like this
We call this the Birth Ball. You throw it.. it lands.. and it throws another ball back at you!!
A bird!
James is a king
... a very confused king
You are viewing images from 05/21/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 53 pictures.
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