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Becky hanging out
Hi Becky
I threw this paper airplane off the Empire State Building
See? I told you
My old box! I've had this forever
But it's all gross and has goo on it somehow, so I threw it out
A bunny!
Another bunny!!
Some Beany art
My autograph from B of B&M
Ultrasound is fun
Lots of controls
My kidney (left) and (very full) bladder (right)
They're after my blood!
Taking lots of blood
Four tubes!
He did a good job
Gross, it's like, splattering on the side of the tube
Is this good?
Strawberry and Isabelle hanging out
Isabelle pretty much always looks this panicked
What's up guys
Helloooo Isabelle
Check out what my dad got at the laundromatte
A double headed quarter!
If you look closely (you can't tell in this picture) you can tell someone made this, not the mint
This router looked like it was about to pounce on me
My new LCD monitor!
Opened box
The support for the screen
The base
I put a quarter in the bottom left for scale
Oh goody
Nice specs!
I love my new setup.. I have a desk again!
Aoi looks happy
I can't believe this is a toy. It has realistic sounds, pump action... it even ejects "spent" cartridges
What the hell is this!? A creepy stuffed homeless person?
15 second exposure of airplanes
The newest addition to my air force
The tiny power switch and charging port
The Havoc Heli
From the front
The tail rotor
Some kind of protected gear
The gear, more from the top
The helicopter in action!
On the ground
It's hard to fly and take pictures at the same time
Coming towards me
Flying awaaaay
Isabelle doesn't like it
Isabelle with her nemesis
Isabelle lurks in the distance
You are viewing images from 05/29/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 56 pictures.
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