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You can watch the video we made about Hungry Hungry Hippos here: Extreme Hungry Hungry Hippos
Becky and Strawberry hanging out
Laptops are fun
Strawberry wonders what I'm up to
Strawberry is Becky's copilot
Go Strawberry Go
Strawberry checks out my new chair
He seems to like it
An old bug
Laser Tag, Round 1
Laser Tag, Round 2
Laser Tag, Round 3
Strawberry helped himself to my bed
He crawled right under the blankets
The pieces for Hungry Hungry Hippos
Rob gets his colors ready
Muffie's got some monies!
James rips open a bag of parts
Hippo pieces everywhere
My hippo, up close
Rob is green!
James yelled at me for filming him filming
My dad left a slice of pizza in the toaster too long by accident
It was actually really good
The priest talks about something at the baptism
Jesus Christ!
Stained glass
A nice picture of a stained glass window
Becky and Dad watch
The priest continues
A wider shot
Jacob looks suspicous of me
What's over there?
Amy gets Grace ready to be baptised
Grace doesn't look thrilled
Grace under water?
She barely moved
Get her all dried up
Still hasn't moved..
All done!
Amy and Grace's godfather
Standing around..
Amy looks happy
The priest is talking
See? I told you
Becky and Dad sitting on a pew
The baby is poining to something
The godfather makes the baby an offer she can't refuse.. a candle
The priest giving instructions
Reading out of the book..
The baby looks bored
Jacob is interested though
"What's that dude up to?"
The priest is talking to us again
His hand is in the air!
Grace has a white thing on now
The priest holds the baby
Welcome to Earth, baby
And everybody poses!
Uncle Jimmy talks to my dad
Becky gives me a look while Uncle Jimmy and Dad continue talking
Jacob and Elaine
A cross
This situation looks like a powder keg
Jacob moves in for the strike!!
Uncle Jimmy wrenches the bottle away from his grandson
He's escaping!
And he's gone.
Only to return again!!
Dad and Becky find this amusing
Captured again
Now what
Uhoh, she found me
This kid was just walking by
Hi kid
This plant was after me
A madman with his cake
You are viewing images from 06/10/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 86 pictures.
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