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A bird
We went to Laser Quest, but it was closed
If you look closely you can see the scary dogs in the next car
A bunch of ants in our hallway!!
Revere Beach!
Long exposure, the waves turn into a blur
The street
Some cars driving by
Rob's girlfriend Kate sits on the wall
Flash and long exposure!
More flash and long exposure
Kate and Rob sit on the wall
James joins the picture
Lights in the distance. I like the texture on the wall
A plane taking off from Logan
James sits near his car
A lighthouse in the distance
Some abandoned ride parts
James wanders away to take some pictures
See? He's taking pictures
A helicopter thing
Another helicopter thing
I guess there used to be an arcade here. Note the tiger on the roof
Ticket, please
I like cracked parking lots with grass growing through
Some field
Weird arch thing..
Weird faces too!
A boat thing
A rusty handle
Up close to the rotting wood
Lots of tires from the Go-Kart track
Gun thing
James mans the battle stations
A really messed up trailer
Flying awaaay
James checks out the ocean
James with an ocean background
James fixes his hat
The ocean was pretty rough
Bird and ocean
Not a good day for the beach.. for normal people
White water!
A wave breaks
A wave as it breaks
The pier with a bird
There were two guys surfing!
The beachfront stores
Joe's Playland was a discontinuous store.. there were several of them right near each other
Support thing at the amusement park
James takes a picture
At least some skaters are getting some use of of this place
Discarded astroturf
Not anymore
James checks out a shed
A cat!
A bumper car
James gets in
Vroom vroom!
The empty lot
James takes a picture of a bumper car
White bumper car!
James takes some more pictures
Probably not
Lots of paint!
Looks like the bumper car area is being used as a construction staging area
Ferris wheel lights
A light
A rusty old table
The sign!
James sits next to the sign
A discarded sink
Nice car, crappy wheel!
More waves
The beach!
Some kind of tower thing in the distance
This is madness!!
DDR + Pump It Up = Technomotion
All 9 spaces!
A seagull
Could it be Jonathon Livingston?
A giant cow?
We found the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
I snapped this from the car, across the marsh
James runs to the water
James chilling out near the ocean
James coming back
He's almost twice as tall as that line!
Bummer!! We were about 50 seconds too late on the parking meter
The nuclear power plant!
We waited for about ten minutes... just in case
The sketchy checkpoint
This sign was on the actual main road to the powerplant
There was a paper tube full of those little ash snakes..
I didn't realize there were 7 in there so I lit them all at once. Good times. Gross smoke
A typical algorithm for solving the Rubik's cube in less than 30 seconds. The green boxes represent how I "chunk" the algorithm
Red is first two layers, purple is orient last layer, and green is permute last layer. I've got a lot of work ahead of me...
You are viewing images from 06/13/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 104 pictures.
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