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I'd like to state for the record that (from what I heard) James came back with no shirt and no shoes. He apparently threw his shoes out a window because they were "too smelly". The fate of the shirt is unknown.
Bryce made these humongo burgers
He eventually broke them into smaller, triangular burgers
The master chef himself
James and Bryce watch clips from the CD-I version of Legend of Zelda
Bryce and Brandon are all decked out for the beach themed party
Bryce seems less excited
The table full of alcohol and gross snacks
I brought eight 40's for the party. They went over well
Bryce and Mike eating some food
Bryce looks a little suspicious
Brandon's enjoying his 40
James, Bryce, and Mike standing around
Rosie was very surprised by the camera
Brandon changes the music
This guy blew a weird bubble
Here's a more normal bubble
James and Michelle sitting on the couch
James resorts to literally shoveling food down his throat
Go James go
Bucket O Popcorn
Michelle gets a drink
We all love this picture.. Bryce in his "wifebeater" with a 40, looking surly.. classic.
Brandon saw me taking a picture and feigned surprise
Mike takes a swig of his Colt 45
James tries the "Bubble Bong"
Bryce explaining something
Whoa! Relax there chief
James tries blowing some bubbles
Something about the bubble blower grossed James out
This is kind of gross
Bryce on the phone
Smashley, Brandon, and James standing around
And take a drink
What's over there?
Smashley and Brandon pose
Smashley takes a sip of some kind of awful drink
Mike shows his weird European and Egyptian money to some girl
Rosie's excited
Lonely Brandon with a bottle
Mike chillin' with his 40
Brandon gets a snack as Michelle looks on
This guy seems happy
Guy spotted me and posed with Rosie!
James and Mike
Sitting around..
Smashley and Mike!
For some reason Brandon was on the ground, so Smashley posed with him
Aaand took a swig
Mike, Smash, and Brandon
Brandon and Smash!
Smashley's wicked excited about something
The guys dance to "The Spirit Never Dies"
Bryce is still working on his 40
Tony grew a third arm..
James dances out of the room
Bryce's "Model Shot"
Dancing with the noodle!
Smashley and James were singing to each other through the noodle
Rosie dances with.. someone
Noodle and drinking!
Brandon and Smash on the porch
Hi Smashley!
Brandon looks down only to find..
Hero James! Who apparently just rescued this cat from an earthquake
Playing with the unknown cat
Kitties are fun
This picture was too awesome to delete, sorry Smash
Rosie and some people pose on the roof
Fun fun
I found the cat
The cat walks away from Brandon and Smash
He came back!
He looks uncertain
What to do...
That blur is the cat walking away
More partying on the roof!
You are viewing images from 06/24/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 77 pictures.
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