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This is what I get for buying the cheap flight
My boading pass
It was rainy in Boston
The view from my seat: 4D on a Boeing 717
That's a big engine
A plane taking off
Above the rain!
Puffy clouds
Some other clouds
Hey look, clouds!
You can see the camera in the reflection
There are clouds over there too
The wing and the sun
We were still climbing at this point
Some neato cloud structure in the distance
Looking down on the rain
Yep.. clouds
A hole in the clouds!
The flight attendant said I could use my GPS. Which makes sense since it doesn't transmit anything
I thought we were near Worcester... just a bit off
A smoke stack!
Cruising altitude! For some reason we never really approaced the typical cruising speed of 570 mph
A coastline on one of the great lakes
A marina?
So many sqaures!
Past New York now..
A boat!
Milwaukee approaches
Lots of boats
A school
A nice coastline on Lake Michigan
Some houses
It's amazing how well you can see stuff on the final approach and landing
A runway
The terminal
My flight is the third from the top
Inside a jet engine
The back of an airplane
See? Milwuakee
My airplane, a CRJ200
People getting off a similar airplane
I better not get on the wrong plane
This plane has smaller jets
A guy in the baggage area
A woman loading food onto the plane
Bringing a bridge thing up to my plane
Note the cool heat waves behind the jet
Some prop plane takes off
More jet heat waves
This guy gave me a look as I took all these pictures
Getting on the plane
I hope these engines work
I was all the way in the back
The view from my seat
The wing
Good to know
The view from my seat.. again!
Button Man is waving at me
See? I told you it was a CRJ200
Apparently you can only get off the plane if it lands correctly..
A piece of my Professor's Cube fell under the chair and it took me like 15 minutes to get
Ooo, baggage carousel
It's like they read my mind
See? Minnesota
Now this is something new...
Baggage carousel!
My bag found me!
The first picture I take of Wacko since 2002 and what's he doing?
Wacko's got a Wiimote and he knows how to use it
Start by pointing up..
Emily's turn
Topaz gets into bowling
Wacko's got a nice camera
He thinks he's cool
Wacko on a hillside
Emily goes to check out the vent Wacko's looking at
Wacko and Emily lift the grate up
He wanted me to crawl down there. Needless to say, his efforts were futile
A waterfall
Some bridge
A cool old mill
Gold Medal
The top of the building
One of Wacko's friends climbed up there
Nothing but the best
A bridge
The smokestacks from before but more zoomed out
Wacko looks at the ground
Wacko looks.. somewhere else
Emily snaps some shots while Wacko looks around
Wacko and the mill
Emily and Wacko pose in front of Gold Medal
Now it's my turn
Wacko took these shots
What's over there?
This shot came out great, just click it.
Emily looks around
Emily standing in front of Gold Medal
Emily standing in front of Gold Medal.. with slightly a different exposure
Emily takes a few pics
This is why you have to take sneaky pictures of Wacko
A nice pic of some grass
Wacko's back with his tripod
An awesome panorama of Gold Medal and the surrounding area
The bridge
Some plants with Gold Medal in the background
A similar shot
Emily takes some pictures of the waterfall
Now I take some pictures of the waterfall
I like how the post cuts the water in half
The post
I was way too close to the water
Looking down the water fall
With a longer exposure..
An even longer exposure! You can see how the bubbles blur
Wacko and Emily look across the water
Another great shot of Wacko and Emily
A water tower
A water tower and that Pillsbury sign
Gold Medal from a slightly different angle
An old support
This thing hasn't exactly withstood the test of time
Old bridge, new bridge?
Another big support
Wacko and Emily check out the bridge
With exposure to show the sky..
It's pretty corroded
Emily climbs up the side
Wacko looks around the base
Emily checks out the scenery
Rusty old support
A bolt
Wacko ventures out onto the "bridge"
Note the sign in the background
Wacko is a scofflaw
So is Emily
Now if this isn't a good desktop I don't know what is
Gold Medal Flour!
Another big sign
I want some blankets
Emily checks out this structure
Some gross moss
Wacko and Emily sneak behind this column thing
A messed up old building
A water outlet and some dripping
Same pic but.. sideways!
Wacko looks to see what Emily is doing
I told him "You're going to regret that picture!"
Neato ruins
Emily and Wacko get nearer the edge
What's over there?
Lots of moss where the dripping lands
Wacko's rented house in Minneapolis
So many ants!
There was a ridiculous amount of ants
You are viewing images from 07/05/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 164 pictures.
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