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Greg and his friend Maria check out my DS
Uncle Chris
Gra-gra looking around
Having fun?
Aunt Meredith
My mom thinks somehting is funny
Becky shows Uncle Chris something on her phone
Have some beer
Uncle Chris takes a look at Becky's phone
What's that button do?
Aunt Teresa and Maria light the candles
Aunt Teresa and Mario light the candles.. in the dark!
Greg blows out the candles
And continues to do so
Oh no! We didn't know they were trick candles!
Greg gets to work on pinching out the trick candles
Pinching... he likes to pinch
They keep coming back!
Only three left
Aunt Teresa takes the cake
Greg makes a joke that Maria thinks is funny
Gra-gra and Becky look on
They look like they're having fun
Uncle Chris starts pouring some champagne
Greg and Gra-gra
The traditional ear pulling
"Is that all you got?"
Gra-gra thinks it's funny
Laughing time is over now
Everyone standing around
Champagne fun time
Aunt Meredith, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Teresa prepare for a toast
Uncle Chris looks like he's bored of toasting
Gra-gra with her glass
Keiki! Keiki! Keiki!
Gra-gra thinks something is funny
My mom hands out plates
Hi mom
Maria looks around
Becky can't wait for cake
Greg's presents
Mom watches
Mom and Aunt Teresa
Aunt Meredith
Gra-gra sitting around
Uncle Chris is itchy
Hi Greg
Greg reads cards
Giving someone a look..
Greg got some nice pens
With his initials on them!
Very nice
A popped cork!
Some stars, taken from the common
The International Space Station flies by. Click on the image to see it
A zoomed version. That line is the ISS
Well since the tripod is set up, I might as well play with it
Guess what I used to write this
Yep, the earth actually moves noticably in only fiften seconds! Of course, this is zoomed in..
Stars blurring around the North Star
The ISS made a reappearance one orbit later
The ISS flies over my neighbor's house
ISS flying under the moon
The ISS flying by my house, look carefully, it's in the wires.
You are viewing images from 08/02/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 67 pictures.
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