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My mom's house at night
Another shot of my mom's house at night with a fifteen second exposure
A less than stellar picture of the ISS flying by. Look closely, you can see it
A shot of my mom's house with the ISS flying by. You can see it in the gaps between the trees
McKeed's pins finally showed up in a super sketchy envelope
My mom helps my grandmother up some stairs
Uncle Chris
Melissa talks to Matthew, one of my new cousins
Hi Matthew
Becky looks behind her
My Great Uncle Jim
Becky with her cool cool glasses
Uncle Jim looks around
Aunt Regina
Danny looks suspicious
Jim looking around again
Becky and Gra-gra
Aunt Meredith takes a drink
Looking around..
My other new cousin, Sean, stands up
He made it!
Uncle Brian grabbed him!
Spinning him around!
Getting Sean on his shoulders..
What's in the sky, Sean?
Getting settled..
Father and son
Becky at the table
Aunt Meredith
Uncle Peter takes a look at the pool
How's the beer?
A new Rubik's Cube record!
Great Aunt Regina, Great Uncle Jim, and Gra-gra
Uncle Chris takes some pictures
"Say moneeeyy"
Uncle Jim
Aunt Regina
Aunt Regina thinks something is funny
Uncle Jim checks out my card
He didn't believe me that the picture was of the earth
Brother and sister
Gra-gra laughs at something
Uncle Chris directs another shot
Uncle Chris lines up another shot
Aunt Regina and my mom
Hi mom
Danny eats a cookie or something
Uncle Jim
Uncle Brian getting out of the pool
Sean in a towel
Uncle Brian looks at his kids
Uncle Brian and Aunt Laura
Sean's got a brownie and a cookie
But which to eat first?
Oh no, I've been spotted
Becky says "peace"
Gra-gra and Becky pose
Aunt Teresa tried to stop them
Sean continues his feeding frenzy
How's the watermelon, Sean?
Johnny places on his DS
Melissa checks out her finger
I can see why first graders find Aunt Teresa so intimidating
What's up Gra-gra?
Melissa hangs out
Danny and Uncle Peter
Uhoh, Uncle Peter spotted me
Why did Johnny label his DS as a Wii?
"Hey Johnny... gotcha"
Uncle Chris takes another shot
Gra-gra talks to Sean
Becky at the table
Uncle Brian and Matt sit around
Matt looks comfy
My mom on the phone
You are viewing images from 08/03/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 79 pictures.
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