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"Highwind" specs (before getting a new video card in December)

Antec P182 Performance Case
3.0 gHz AMD Athlon X2 6000+ Dual Core Processor
2.0 gigabytes Corsair XMS2 RAM
320 gigabyte SATA 3.0 gig/s Western Digital hard drive
Asus M2N-32SLI Deluxe. Turns out this comes with onboard wireless! Not that I'll be using it..
Temporary video card with 128mb of memory
John Kawamura takes a shot at being a Guitar Hero
Brett before the "beard off".. more on this later
Brett plays some Guitar Hero
Brett checks out his shirt?
The case my Antec P182 case came in
Other boxes, what could be in here?
Well this one has speakers in it
Case box
Or is it.. a box case?
Another side
Aaand the back
This was taken right after opening the box
After getting the box away
Silicone feet!
No more styrofoam
Covered in plastic
The mug is there for scale
A closeup of the front ports
When the door is opened there's also a power and reset button
I found this box inside the case. It has screws and such
Now for the mystery box
Plenty of syrofoam peanuts
My motherboard! As you can see it's an Asus M2N32-SLI Delux
Rock solid... heart touching
Inside the motherboard box
I'll deal with this later
Another mystery box
More peanuts!
Ah, my neato wrist thing, and some SATA cables
I decided the $2 for the wrist strap was worth the peace of mind of knowing I wouldn't zap anything
My gorgeous Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 2.0 gigabytes of RAM
So nice
Some bubble wrap!
Ah, my 320gb hard drive and DVD-RW
My CPU heatsink and fan
Speaking of my CPU... can it really be safe putting it in a window like that?
The heatsink that AMD sent... compared with the one I'm using
AMD's heatsink still looks pretty nice
It's got a huge fan
And dozens of copper blades
Very neato looking
The motherboard awaits in its plastic case
The almighty CPU
The pins underneath
One must be very.. very... gentle
The pins from the side
These pins are what make the whole thing work
The top of the CPU
The CPU rests upon its throne
Looking good
The motherboard comes with some built in heat pipes and copper blades
Northbridge and southbridge (I think)
Time to install the RAM
It's a lot lighter than it looks
Two days later the rest of the stuff came, including the surge protector
Yet another mystery box
Bubble wrap!
This is the video card I'll be using until the new NVIDIA ones come out
What happened to this box!?
My 25 foot S-Video cable
The box with the power supply
Did someone dropkick this!?
It's really beat up
The power supply box
It was so heavy!
What could this be?
Neat! Since the power supply is modular it comes with all the cables you need in a case
All sorts of nice cables
A closeup of the connectors
The power supply itself
Nice fan
This bundle goes to the motherboard, so it doesn't come off
This was kind of bogus, but it was nice having the drivers install themselves
The final product!
Highwind, sporting a sylish communist desktop!
You are viewing images from 09/11/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 76 pictures.
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