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Bryce brought his N64 over to our room
It took a few minutes to set up
Is it working?
A package from Dell, what could this be?
It's my new power cord and adapter! Hooray!
A squirrel!
What's he got?
He's got an apple!
I can't believe I got this close
He was so full that when he walked, he waddled
Professor Breecher and Professor Han in the CS lab
Bryce has so many icons on his desktop!
I put a label on Bryce's back
It says "Bryce". I left him a voicemail telling him about it and saying "don't say I never told you". And told him to check his messages.. he never did
Bryce working on Kanji in the server room
Bryce lectures me on... who knows
Get back to work
Brett with my DS
"Whose crazy signature is this?"
Brett decides to try Crazy Signature's account
Oh no! It's Greg's! Now it's in left-handed mode! Aka, upside down
The "Server Room" aka Nerd Tower
Monitors and my scanner
Younger in the foreground, Spears and Babbage in the background
Some more of my crap
Babbge, the web server, and Spears, the file server
My sweet setup
Bryce uses this table sometimes for studying
A closer shot of my desk
My favorite part of the room.. the AC!
My shelves
The bottom shelves are full of crap
My desk has drawers!
What's this in the bottom drawer?
Ooo, lots of Gameboy Advance games
And the other compartment has a mysterious thing in some netting
It's my DS! Very handy during study breaks
Professor Sternberg demonstrates to a student how plasmas form on rockets
"You see?"
The drawing up close
Here's the student in question
Prof. Sternberg looks over someone's equations
It's just a change of variables.. but it's tricky
Prof. Sternberg explains how to shift all the variables around
Use these equations
You are viewing images from 09/28/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 45 pictures.
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