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Professor Sternberg asked me to take some pictures of her class in action for something. Unfortunately, I don't know a single person's name. So I'm sure when my classmates go to see their pictures they will all be offended that I've managed to spend over a month with them and still have no clue who they are.
Ah, the joys of being the lab sysadmin
You get to find stuff like this
My mom wrote the response here and it was on the board for over a month before I noticed
Brett at the conclusion of the beard-off
From the side
James was having trouble not laughing
It was pretty funny
But he wouldn't stay still!
From the side
There's a good front shot
Nice pose
Side by side
James loses it again
James had a weird empty spot under his chin
Students in Professor Sternberg's class
Some math on the board
Working on change of variables
What's on the board?
Oops, busted taking a picture
Discussing the problems
The girl on the right seems to be having a fun time
All the students helped each other out
Red Hat's having trouble
See? Look at this part
Looking at another section
Pointing out a problem?
Red Hat working on a problem
Green Shirt gets to work
Red Shirt works on the board
So many equations
Very tricky
Look at that thing!
Math notes
What's funny is that these notes aren't even for this class, they're for the class most of us had next
This is how people found the pics
Red Shirt working with Red Hat again
Black Shirt looks at the board again
What's he pointing to?
Still on the same problem?
Green Shirt was there too
Little did he know I was zooming all the way in!
What's up, Green Shirt? Lose your sunglasses?
Becky at CVS
"Nooo, don't"
This guy reminds me of Sean
An odd truck on the highway
I decided to throw out some old CDs and DVDs I wasn't using
The discs are piling up
It was kind of hard to stand on, very slippery
A flash shot
The view from the hallway, no wonder I was getting weird looks
That was a lot of discs!
Brett gets blinded by the super flash
Mike working on his octopus tank
You are viewing images from 10/08/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 58 pictures.
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