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I saw this sign in the campus police's window. Are they asking for help?
Brett coming down the hallway
An RA on guard against rioters
James and Brett heading to the president's house
Red Sox fans out in the streets.. kind of
Everyone was heading to the president's house
Nice hat, dude
Cops on duty
Getting closer
This dude couldn't wait and just took off
Another cop
A huge crowd at the president's house
So many people
Everyong gathered around
A flash photo!
Someone nearby took a flash picture
Standing around
Everyone was chanting
The crowd in the president's backyard
Everyone trying to get to the center
A Red Sox flag
Go, flag, go
Another flash picture
This is what everyone is really after, donuts and cider
President Basset!
President Basset wants braaaains!
Bryce looks so bitter!
"Check out my sweet vest"
Nice vest, Brett
Yep, you saw it here first folks. I'm now one of those annoying dudes with a Bluetooth headset in his ear
A hawk killed a squirrel outside Hughes and Dana
It was pretty sweet
These captions are going to be pretty painful
There's not much I can say about this hawk
The hawk let people get pretty close
As long as they didn't mess with his squirrel
Nom nom nom
Pulling off a bit..
How is it?
What's over there?
Don't mess with this bird
His beak is so sharp
Checking people out..
He's ready to defend his kill
Look to your right
Then look to your left
A little less zoom..
Taking a break?
What's up, hawk?
Not much left of that squirrel's face
He's got a pice of the squirrel in his beak
All gone!
Lots of other people were taking pictures of the hawk
Leaning over
Bystanders behind the hawk
Now that is a cool looking bird
Looking around..
What's over there?
OK, I'm really running out of captions
Flash picture of the hawk!
Uhoh, I'm busted. Time to back off
He's been distracted
Sweet sunset
Weird ripply clouds
Nice colors
Awesome transition!
Orange to blue
I caved and bought Guitar Hero III
Opening the box
Bryce takes a turn
See how the Wiimote goes right in the guitar?
Clark James waits for his turn on my bed
Michele getting her yearbook pictures taken
Little did she know that there would be more than one camera taking her picture today!
"Look over here"
The photography setup
Me and Clark James like to make fun of this woman.. "Look over here.. turn your head.."
"Just a smidge.."
"No one but your parents will ever see these pictures" haha, whoops!
A light reflector
"No photographing the photographer"
Clark James was having a little trouble tying a tie
It doesn't look like it's getting much better
Trying again..
Don't give up!
In good spirits, as always
Brett tries to help
Do it like this..
And then like this..
Over, under..
James doesn't seem to be making much progress
James watches
Brett looks like he's almost done
Brett's a blur of tie tying motion
Come on, James. You can do it
Brett patiently explains
Brett goes solo
Aaaand, done!
Not quite perfect
Uhoh, busted
"Don't take pictures of this!"
Brett finishes this off
Finishing the knot
James gets his backpack on
Hi James
Business Brett plays Guitar Hero
Go Brett, go
What's up Bryce?
James keeps rocking in the background
Looking good, Bryce
James looks at what Bryce is doing
The cake is a lie!
You are viewing images from 11/13/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 125 pictures.
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