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The presents at Dad's house
Dad with his Guinness
Becky playing DS
Don't give me that look
The tag I put on my Dad's Christmas present
Dad brings some presents into the living room
Dad and Becky
Becky opens a card
She likes the front..
And she likes the inside!
Becky's card
The inside of Becky's card
Becky got a book
Unlike Brett, Becky likes books for Christmas
Opening presents is fun to do
Dad gets a present
Using a knife to open it..
It's Band of Brothers!
A practical gift from Dad
I got a Dremel!
Dad: "I can't believe I got this stuff for my little girl"
Becky laughed at this title. So callous.
What else?
A gun cleaning kit from me and Becky!
WWII DVDs, gun cleaning kit, and his rifle. Peace man.
A Christmas moment
Christmas morning at Mom's house!
Don't you love our little tree?
Becky poses with the tree
And Isabelle yells about something
Becky calms Isabelle down
Is it working?
Not really
Becky opens a present
Isabelle helps
A shirt!
Click on this pic.. Isabelle is making a crazy face
Another present
Isabelle paces around
Isabelle was going crazy because of reflections
Strawberry just likes wrapping paper
Now I'm in the leather jacket club with Brett and Tony
Lots of wrapping paper!
Mom hands out more presents, Becky doesn't seem psyched
Isabelle on the chair
Mom loves her picture of us
Strawberry explores the wrapping paper
What's over here?
I got the binary watch!
Uncle Chris checks something out
Greg's here!
Mary and Mary check out the Christmas tree
Greg looks around
Greg and Becky are a couple of party animals
The current time is 0010:101111!
The Christmas tree as seen through champagne
Greg eats some sherbert
Gragra makes a goofy face
Becky gives me one of those looks
And then gets back to sherbert
Uncle Chris thinks his camera is so cool
Say cheese!
Ahhh!! Blinding light!!!
Greg pops his popper
Look out! Aunt Teresa's next!
Mom's got a crown
Father and son.. beards.
Sweet crown, Greg
Becky likes her crown too
Mom looks around
Lighting a candle
Gragra versus the giant candle!
What's up, mom?
Mom always complains there are no good pictures of her, so I took a few
Gragra with the candle again
Uncle Chris gets out the carving knife
Cutting the roast beef!
Mmm, roast beef
Mom with her crown
Gragra in black and white
Disco madness!!
Aunt Teresa calls it "Christmas lights on drugs"
Cool idea
You are viewing images from 12/27/07 in the main gallery. This set contains 89 pictures.
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