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Bryce hanging out
Shayna and Tony sit on the big chair
Sleepy time
What is this mysterious ball I've found?
Hmm, this could be a clue
This guy says it's full of beer
Looks like he might be right!
They lived in the suite down the hall, so I followed them to take pictures
Carefullly pouring beer out of the ball..
Taking a sip! Ok.. that's a little gross
This is how they got at the beer, they just smashed a hole in the top
Professor Morris marks off some exercises for me to do
Chapter 9?? Gah!
Professor Chou with CS99 again, this time in a classroom
The CS99 people
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Row 7
Row 8
And this guy, who was late
There were a lot of fire engines outside of Uncle Sam's, which give Clark James and I a real scare
One of the guys who works at Uncle Sam's has a pretty messed up phone
Apparently it still works well!
Despite the.. pencap.. antenna
DS and cola, doesn't get much better than this, folks
Bryce's consciousness briefly slips completely in to the DS
James and I were watching the State of the Union address
This building is shooting out steam and water!
Professor Morris in action
Talking about dihedral groups, pretty interesting stuff
Mike looks suspicious as he eats his sandwich
Tony washes a few dishes
What's up, Mike?
I finally broke down and bought a cheapo espresso machine
It's pretty nice
The espresso box actually came with garbage in it..
Yes. Real garbage. We figure that someone stole a razor and threw the packaging in here to.. hide it?
FedEx is here!!
See? FedEx. With proper white balance, even
Mike signs for a package from the FedEx dude
What could be inside, Mike?
Looks to be a pretty sizable package
Live fish?
Mike seems pretty psyched about something
Cutting open the box
Another box! Styrofoam this time
Let's take off the lid..
No! Mike wants to take his own pictures first
Now let's take off the lid
Mike takes a picture of his mysterious styrofoam box
Time to cut open this box
What's inside?
So many peanuts
And a bag!
A bag with black plastic around it
Well there's only one thing to do..
Rip open the bag!
It's a live octopus!
Mike and I knew it all along, I just wanted to build up the suspense
It's Mike's first pet octopus
Clark James suggested the winning name: "Octopus Prime"
"Prime" for short!
Before letting him loose in the tank, Mike allows the temperature of the water to equalize
The bag is kind of funny just floating there
Octopus Prime up close
Those are his eyes in the middle, sticking out of his head
Lots of stickers
Mike takes a few pitures of his own
Mike seems enthralled
Prime was much bigger than we expected
His head is about the size of your thumb
Prime stares me down
that's his eye, that little rectangular opening
Eye horns! He does this sometimes.. we think he does it to scare us
Prime in the drip bucket, getting used to the pH of the tank
He doesn't really look this gross, it was just hard to get a picture of him in the bucket. He kept trying to explore.. outside the bucket!
In other news, I got 143 lines in Tetris and got the Buran!!
The Buran was Russia's answer to the space shuttle, but it only flew once and wasn't even manned. Still pretty cool though
Bryce cruises the internet looking for Smash Brothers updates
Rosie checks out the octopus situation
What's up, Bryce?
Time to transfer Prime! Mike was hoping he'd hold onto his rock
No such luck though
Mike decides to transfer him in a large cup
Bryce suggested drinking him and coughing him back up like a gold fish... that's gross, Bryce
Mike tries to pour Prime into the smaller tank
Prime decides he likes the cup
So he won't come out
We eventually got him out of the cup by submerging it
Prime kind of sits on the floor. He looks so neat!
Mike lowers the small tank into the big tank
Prime will stay in the smaller tank for a few days to get used to the surroundings and learn that Mike gives him food
A pretty awesome pet, all in all
You are viewing images from 01/30/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 98 pictures.
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