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Obama 2008!
I feel that this batch of pictures really warrants a brief note for the sake of historical clarity. At the time that this batch was taken, the 2008 presidential election was still being fiercely fought for. At the moment, John McCain is pulling into the lead on the Republican side, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appear to be in ne
neck nationwide. Super Tuesday is tomorrow, where over twenty states will decide their pick for who gets the candidacy.

I started out as a Mike Gravel supporter, but then he dropped out. I switched to Dennis Kucinich, but then he dropped out as well, so I'm now supporting Barack Obama. I actually voted a few days ago via absentee ballot. I in no way support Hillary Clinton, but I felt it would be fun and interesting to go document her visit to Clark University. I did my best to get some good pictures of the event and I'm really happy with the results. I deleted a lot of pictures from this batch but that was to be expected. I often used a kind of "spray and pray" technique. Once I saw a good shot I'd take six of seven, usually deleting most or all of them. I hope you enjoy the ones that made the cut!
A sign (ha, get it?) of things to come?
Revisiting an old classic
Another enthusiastic Clinton supporter
What's this? News vans?
News vans! Note that all the satellite dishes point south
The police blocked off a big chunk of Downing Street in front of the athletic center. The ambulance and fire truck were there for an unrelated incident
True story
One of those wooden barricade things
The other end of Downing Street was also blocked
News vans and police barricade
Same scene from a slightly different angle
Getting closer to the news vans
The NECN truck
See? I told you
Plugs and stuff
A big ol' satellite dish
NewsCenter 5 van
This guy noticed me taking his picture so I waved
I took a picture of the ambulance before I realized they were acutally there helping an injured person just by coincidence..
That's one hardcore satellite dish
The Secret Service put a sign up. I feel I should mention they weren't very secret, it was easy to spot them
News vans... from above!
I just wandered into the media entrance. I figured I've got a camera, I'm media
The empty stage
But are they good solutions?
Some media folk setting up
This guy's not going to get much footage with his coffee cup, no matter how stable it is
Nice cameras
A sneaky cop lurking in the back
Media people
More people by the normal door
Sound equipment?
An overview of the gym
Yep, that's the door I took
A Hillary sign
Some cops hanging out
Oh yeah, the Patriots lost the Superbowl.. it was the only game they lost this season
Needless to say, fans were pretty heartbroken
Aw crap! I leave for 90 minutes and there's a HUGE line!
Yes, I really am this far away from the Kneller
Hillary people trying to get people to sign up for stuff
The line behind me
This guy was filming us
I got a Ron Paul sticker!
Some typical Clinton supporters
What's her name from freshman year is back
People signing some petition for a bill
A Hillary pin
The Ron Paul guy is back!
Nice cigar.. thing
I really didn't like how the Clinton fans were snickering at this guy. Very disrespectful
Some insane group was handing out propaganda
I don't know much about them other than they think that computers are ruining the world (I guess not their website..) and they think global warming isn't happening
The choppa! Get back to it!
This cop was on his phone
Some of the crazy vegans were handing this out
The line is moving! I'm advancing past the library!
The line went all the way back to Main Street, I'm not sure how long it was in total
Gotta hand it to the Ron Paul guy for getting his message out there
Some Clinton guy...
Caution tape and Hillary signs
This guy kept eyeballing me
There's more media people now!
Lots of people were sitting on the bleachers
After leaving to take a test, I came back. I bet you didn't even notice!
Hill-dog herself
She draws quite a crowd
Traveling press got to get really close
The losers with the video cameras stayed in the back
Some cops behind the stage
Clinton launches into her speech
I honestly didn't listen to all that much since it was very similar to the ones I've seen on TV and I wanted to focus on pictures
It actually felt a lot like that first mission on Metal Gear Solid 2.. taking pictures while the speech is going on. People who have played will know what I mean
She was very hoarse, presumably from all the speech giving she's been doing in preparation for Super Tuesday
All alone out on the stage
I really like this picture.. someone else taking pictures
The speech goes on
I liked this flare effect
I moved to the back of the gym to get some shots from the center
These shots were tough to get.. I was in the middle of a dense crowd
Clinton goes on, in front of the flag
I thought this shot worked really well with her in the corner
Don't you point that thing at me
An overview of the crowd from the back corner
She kept pointing at us
People in the audience seemed dismayed when I told them I had already voted, and for Obama!
Clinton speaks to a sea of people
These guys think they're so cool with their nice lenses
Hillary shakes hands with the crowd
There were a lot of people taking pictures with little point-n-shoots. You can see one guy to the right of the Hillary sign
There were also a lot of professionals like this guy
A fantastic overview of the crowd with the weird Kneller ceiling above it
For a few shots here I brought the ISO down to 100 from 400 and stabalized the camera on my leg
The shots came out a lot clearer
But they were harder to get
For some reason Professor Chou really stands out in a crowd
Everyone went ballistic at the end
Cops wouldn't let me behind
This is the closest I got, about ten feet away. I couldn't really see her because there were six layers of people between us and she's fairly short
Gotta love the Obama guy outside! Go Obama!!
You are viewing images from 02/04/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 102 pictures.
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