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Brett got a sweet tattoo drawn on his arm
Looks like James' handiwork to me
Bryce, James, and Brett practice for our Rock Band competition
At the actual event, Bryce will play Bass and I'll be on the drums
Look at them go
James gets pretty into it
I finally beat Metal Gear Solid 3. Here's my rating
The lunar eclipse is starting!
Slowly progressing
It was still a little cloudy at this point
More eclipse
A dragon is eating the moon!!
I came back out later and the moon was almost gone
I had to crank up the sensitivity on my camera because it had gotten much darker
Looks like the total eclipse is ending
The moon over Bullock hall
Red moon
Getting a little brighter
This is a fifteen second exposure.. it's amazing how much the earth moves in such a short period of time. Look at the stars!
Good night moon
Seven Car Pileup practices before the show
Getting used to the stage..
James, in full costume, gets ready for the cocert
Yes, this really is my costume. Note the protobeard
James and Bryce pose
Band picture!
Seven Car Pileup in all its glory
Getting warmed up
We even have a mic stand now
Brett adjusts some settings
No one is playing their normal role!
Brett wore a heavy coat until show time so people couldn't see his costume
The LAN Lounge was packed
The band hanging out
Sitting around
Our main competition: Bitchin' Kitchen
Bryce in his makeup
Bitchin' Kitchen begins their set
Tony and Shayna
Two cool dudes
Seven Car Pileup takes the stage at last!
Look at us go
James really gets into it
Brett doing a solo
Bryce gets into a bass groove
James jumped around like a maniac
It was so much fun
Glam Rock Brett
The set continues
James spots Photo Ninja Tony
A slow slong
Bryce walking around stage
Like my crazy wig?
Bryce gets into the moment
The audience was going wild
Bryce on bass
Brett on lead guitar
James singing, and me on the drums
Brett moves around stage a little
Go Brett Go
We blew the competition out of the water
They never saw what hit them
Where is Bryce going?
Me and Brett get into the moment
Brett ripped his shirt open during the finale
James lost his wig somehow
Bryce next to Brett's crazy hat
Brett and Rosie
Everyone pose!
Don't give me that look
James always looks so intense while drinking beer
Tony not so much
That is quite a pose
Brett spotted me
Brett sitting around
Brett in the bar
This is obviously a posed picture because Brandon always makes an insane face for those
A slightly more natural picture
Everyone pose!
talking about something
Smash and Brandon
Shayna's got a fancy drink
You are viewing images from 02/23/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 82 pictures.
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