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James sure has a spiffy hat
Brandon and Smash pose amongst the balloons
There were a lot of balloons
Brett really took the "wear green" rule to heart
He's like some sort of Irish pimp
James toasts.. something
Smash, James, and Brandon are having fun
James is wicked excited about something
The James strut
Speech Champions at their best
Smashley looks like she just got cut off
Smash shows those balloons who's boss
Tony isn't being awkward at all
Mike fears death from above, in balloon form
Mike and Nicole
Tony and Balloon Man
Michele walks by
Bryce seems to be thinking about balloons
Oh the balloons were flying, you better believe it
Throwing balloons
Standing in a sea of green
Hi James
Brett, Rosie, and others in the kitchen
Brett thinks he's cool
Bryce still hasn't moved
What's up, Bryce?
Couch people!
That's an odd face to make
John just came back from his beer advertising tour
There was at least one balloon in the air at any given time for hours
The dynamic duo
Bryce is Balloon Man!
Whiskey slaps! I mistimed this just a bit, but you can see the red mark on Tony's face
James duct taped my glow sticks to his fan
It looks pretty neat
Brandon's sister Meredith and her friends
Bryce chills on the couch
Tony has a pillow and he knows how to use it
I picked up this sweet green shirt at Salvies
Annie and James on the chair
Brett and Rosie dance in the balloons
The couch crew swat away balloons
Bryce doesn't seem to be phased by what's going on
Brett and Rosie are still dancing
OK, now Bryce is upset about something
The balloons are flying again!
Rosie nagivates the balloons
Brett is looking spiffier than ever with the addition of the green streamers he accidentally tore down
Watch out, Brett!
James prepares for his whistle performance
Rosie accompanied him with vocals
A combo picture, flash and long exposure
James adjusts the speakers
That balloon won't go far, Brett
Oh no! I've been spotted
Everyone gathers around the chair
John is having the time of his life
Mike stares at the camera
Brett strikes a pose
All the balloon killing upset Bryce
The couch crew
The couch crew.. without flash!
Bryce had a good idea using a balloon as a foot rest, it was really comfortable
Note how few balloons there are now..
Annie pins a pin on James
James got impatient and eventually did it himself
Bryce makes a.. perplexing face
And also a creepy one
Party time!
Brett sings something
That might be an air guitar, it's tough to tell with the drink
Brett seems caught off guard
Look at all the balloon debris!
Bryce doesn't seem to approve of this posed shot
Gah, stay out of there, Rosie!
Bryce looks his best for this pose
I call this one Tripod-Smash
So much crap on the floor!
I eventually retreated to the porch for a quiet moment
James and Annie on the chair
I love the face James is making here
I had some fun with the glowstick fan
A flash/long exposure shot, showing the glow sticks themselves
You are viewing images from 03/16/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 84 pictures.
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