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Welcome to my Anime Boston 2008 pictures! I have a lot of fun taking pictures at anime conventions, but half the fun is knowing that fans will be able to look through the pictures later on the internet. For this reason, I go to great lengths to make my pictures as accessable as possible, so rather than just throwing the pictures up, I put together these little headers to help you navigate through all the convention photos. The Anime Boston 2008 pictures are split up into three batches: pre-con, con, and post-con. Most of you are probably just interested in the main "con" batch, but the other batches are interesting too.

To make things easier on all of you, I also am including this complete listing of all my convention photos. I have pictures from all of the Anime Bostons as well as a few other cons, so be sure to look around.

If you have any questions, comments, caption suggestions, or if you notice I captioned something wrong, made a typo, or put up a picture that you would like removed, please do not hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from people who visit the site, so whether it's positive or negative, drop me a line.

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Enjoy the pictures!
We ran into James early in the morning after he had stayed up all night working on a paper
He should probably finish that paper..
And off he goes!
Bryce driving along past the Clark campus
Mike seems excited
Bryce zones out on the train
I like the new seats
Mike and Bryce read over some GRE words
The obligatory hotel room window view
We were on the 31st floor in the Marriott
Our room came with a huge flatscreen TV and a hookup for our Wii!
Melrose James was there too, for a while
Bryce quickly fired up Smash Brothers
Mike shows Octopus pride
Bryce playing with the huge TV
We got our staff shirts
Bryce said "I feel so important now"
The infamous registration line was already pretty lengthy on Thurday afternoon
MCCA staff setting up the dance floor in Ballroom B
Main Events being put together
Bryce working on some cabling
What's up Mike
Some other staffers were cutting out gels for the lighting
Bryce and Mike did a lot of cable work
The MCCA guys are almost done!
Mike and Bryce laid out around 400 feet of cable because we couldn't find the short ones..
As soon as they finished we found the short cables and they had to coil the long ones back up
Main Events is starting to come together
What does the pig button do?
Fred and some tech staffers set up a light on a pole
Fred and a tech staffer
Bryce stands near the completed dance floor
Ready for dancing!
Grand and Mike on stage
I'm not exactly sure what was going on here, but one of the security guys was attacked with women's boots
Putting the boots on..
The head convention staffers were amused but still tried to get announcements out
A lot of people were taking pictures of this madness
Mike and Bryce stayed in their seats
The boots are almost on!
David, the staff photographer, also joined in the fun
All done!
He was a pretty good sport about it
Mike Lee gives his yearly speech to the Tech Staff
Tech staffers listening to Mike Lee's slideshow
I just thought this sign was funny
You are viewing images from 03/20/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 47 pictures.
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