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Welcome to my Anime Boston 2008 pictures! I have a lot of fun taking pictures at anime conventions, but half the fun is knowing that fans will be able to look through the pictures later on the internet. For this reason, I go to great lengths to make my pictures as accessable as possible, so rather than just throwing the pictures up, I put together these little headers to help you navigate through all the convention photos. The Anime Boston 2008 pictures are split up into three batches: pre-con, con, and post-con. Most of you are probably just interested in the main "con" batch, but the other batches are interesting too.

To make things easier on all of you, I also am including this complete listing of all my convention photos. I have pictures from all of the Anime Bostons as well as a few other cons, so be sure to look around.

Also, if I got your character's name wrong, or don't know, I'm sorry, I do my best. I can't watch every anime and play every game, so a lot of these costumes make no sense to me but are still awesome enough to take a picture of. Also, if I didn't get your picture, sorry, maybe next year. This especially applies to the Masquerade. I pretty much put up everything that wasn't blurry or too redundant.

If you have any questions, comments, caption suggestions, or if you notice I captioned something wrong, made a typo, or put up a picture that you would like removed, please do not hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from people who visit the site, so whether it's positive or negative, drop me a line.

You can contact me through:

Enjoy the pictures!
There was an uncontrollable mob in the video room at 8am on the first day of the con
Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes!
Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3!
These guys wouldn't let me take their picture till they fixed their question mark.. surprise!
A flash picture of the MGS3 group
Poor Snake, what will he do now?
Bryce checks out the schedule
The infamous "white supremecist" bottles. The bottle people printed the file NAME instead of the contents! I'm just bummed I didn't get one!
Dave on the computer
Domo-kun loves his Companion Cube
Chilling around Tech Ops in the afternoon
Bulma and Piccolo!
A storm trooper!
An awesome Bowser!
Bowser with a little more perspective
James loves Anime Boston
James and some cosplayers in line for pizza
I love watching the interaction of cosplayers with normal people.. but it's hard to convey in a picture
Chrono makes his way through the food court
Card Captor Sakura gets some coffee
Even anime characters need to use the ATM now and then
My people!
The registration line was epic
I heard that at one point there was a three hour wait just to get in the line!
This guy stole Snake's box from Smash Brothers Brawl
Asahina poses in her bunny-girl outfit!
So I heard...
This guy had a working monitor playing DDR on his head!
People milling around the dealer's room
Dealer's room!
Hey, you've got red on you
That's right, it's Shaun from Shaun of the Dead
Mr. Game and Watch!
An incredible Ursula from The Little Mermaid
The same shot, but with flash
I ran into Venus again, the cool musical Link cosplayer I met at ConnectiCon 2006
Venus Link again with flash
TF2 cosplayers! We've got spy vs spy.. vs scout
And the scout is after the intelligence!
I'm not sure how Waldo got dragged into all of this
Red spy and blue spy!
Venus again! This time she's gotten herself into a fight with some Final Fantasy characters
Go Links!
Mudkip has made it onto an official sign!
The crowd packs in for the AMV contest
Bryce is having the time of his life
Yes, the guy in the lobster suit is the same guy who was in the banana suit last year. You can apparently tell by the shoes..
Hmm, there seems to be a crowd outside of main events
That is a lot of anime fans
Holy crap! Look how far back it goes!!
I'm not sure who this is, but neat costume!
I can't remember the last time I've seen an ad this direct
This year's theme was under water, so.. here's a giant crab
Me at my finest
I just saw these guys posing and jumped in to take a picture
A creepy nurse from Resident Evil, and an incredible costume of a citizen of Rapture, from Bioshock
A somewhat creepy Mr. Popo
I kept running into the Metal Gear Solid 3 guys
Chell from Portal! Well done!
That Vegeta guy is back again!
Sadly this was the only Haibane cosplayer I saw all weekend. Great Reki!
Chell finally found her Companion Cube
Tifa, Aeris, and Squall on a chocobo!
B-kun and the new A-chan working on a video
This guy was just too funny. For those who can't read it, the symbol on his shirt says "su"
This was my view for much of the convention.. keeping the microphone levels correctly set at panels
These guys didn't ask tech ahead of time if they could hook up their camera so we had to improvise.. We hooked up the video and just used a microphone next to the camera's speaker
I saw Reki again at one of the panels I staffed
The turnout for The Pillows concert was.. impressive
Something like 5000 people came to see it
Bryce staffed the event, keeping people from using photography
Another incredible Metal Gear Solid 3 team!
I see Sokolov, Eva, The End, The Boss, Revolver Ocelot, Snake, and ..Snake
A long exposure of the Masquerade's lights!
Attendees getting seated
Lauren Goodnight, the Masquerade Emcee injured her eye and had an eyepatch on
Anime Boston 2008!
Captain Jack Sparrow kicked things off with "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
A skit involving the ongoing conflict between pirates and ninjas
I can only assume these guys are from Kingdom Hearts due to the keyblades
Impressive weapons
Some more impressive weapons
Don't you point that thing at me
A very impressive J-E-N-O-V-A costume. Note the light-up eye
And off she goes
A strangely flamboyant Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro
Temari shows off her flag
Some kind of FMA skit
The entire room was PACKED
Link and Navi
Look at all the Links!
So many links
A fight ensues!
The fight.. seems to have ended
What's over there?
Fighting again!
Black Link gets his head smashed in with a hammer
Navi doesn't seem all that concerned.. little did she know that she was next
Damn I love my telephoto lens
Inuyasha sure can dance
Inuyasha and.. Inuyasha!
He likes to be scratched behind the ear
The Haruhi Thriller zombies
Haruhi was a mess
That guy from Ouran high everyone likes
These guys were pretty hilarious. This was a fake ad for hair spray
Well done, guys
Someone, Winry, and Tifa!
The skit continues
More dancing!
Swing that bat around
Sora.. asks a question
Guys with neat props!
Various characters..
Various characters to the caramelldansen!
Scott, I mean B-kun, makes a mad dash across teh stage
Neat costume
This was a pretty crazy prop
It's all spiky
And curvy
These guys were from one of the Dot Hack's
A challenger appears!
Pretty incredible costumes
Something about Romeo and Juliet?
She was doing an audition
This little kid got wicked excited
I dunno, cosplayers! Whooo
Their skit continues
I have no idea who they are
Lauren Goodnight's eyepatch kept getting more elaborate as the night went on
Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War
The guy playing Ghim walked on his knees
These guys were pretty funny, great costumes too!
Deedlit strikes a pose
The Prince from Katamari!
The plan was to roll up Boston..
And off he goes!
Oh no! Cousin Ichigo!
And there was some kind of conclusion..
The Katamari Dance!
Mike Lee makes a brief appearance on stage!
And off he goes!!
That is one big scythe
L hates carrots
Another chocobo girl!
Pretty crazy costume
Putting his weapon in inventory..
Resident Evil, right?
A standoff!
Inevitably, there was dancing
Purple Girl!
Black Girl, Red Girl, and Purple Girl!
These two were pretty neat
They turned around!
Running around..
Look out!
Not sure what's going on here
Lauren's eyepatch grows ever larger
A-chan runs across the stage!
This costume was just too ridiculous
Giant Jigglypuff!
And he's armed wtih a marker!!
These guys were ghosts I guess
Because they played the ghost busters theme and attacked them with this gun!
Ahhhh ghostbusting gun!
The "Life inside your DS" skit
Cooking Mama and Phonix Wright!
I'm not sure who these guys are but the crowd loved them
The DS skit continues
Look at them go
Phoenix Wright really got into the dance
Is that an objection I see?
Everyone gets in on the dancing now!
Great skit, guys!
Lauren didn't seem to care that her eyepatch was slowly taking over her entire face
Some neat cosplayers from a show I don't know
He's got a bunch of credit cards!
Belldandy.. and friends!
They danced to "Soldier Boy"
I don't know why either, Red Skirt Girl
Sketch finally finished his Canti cosplay! To give you an idea of huge it is, look at the Guitar Hero guitar!
It looks great, Sketch!
He got himself involved in a guitar battle
Sketch looks to his opponent
Guitar battle!
Sketch plays some more
Go, Sketch, go!
The needle is clearly on Sketch's side
He's switched to his Canti-sized guitar
Mike Lee cut the lights so we could see how his costume glowed!
Awesome job, Sketch
Yes, at this point, Lauren actually had a circuit board attached to her face
The Haruhi skit in the exhibition portion! Sorry I only got one picutre, I wanted to get a video of this group
The Anime Boy Band, or something like that.. if you didn't know about Bridget before, sorry to break the news
I'll give you one guess as to what song they're doing.. I see a Y
I see an M
The dancing continues
What are Goku and Ash doing?
That might be an A
And that's definitely a C
A wider shot of the dancers
See? I was actually just about as far away as possible
I just really like this shot
I'm not sure what's going on here
Some sort of gameshow
Oh no! Fighting!
Bisque and Lauren dance!
Selecting characters for the Smash Brothers skit
Link vs Marth
Peach doesn't seem all that intimidated by Mario
Link's leg is exposed!
I think the game was paused at this point
The fight rages on
This guy was keeping track of lives
Mario seems pretty pleased
The incredible Duck Hunt team set up their ridiculous skit
By sitting in the balcony, I ruined the forced perspective.. from the ground all this stuff lined up
It still looks pretty great though
The lights in the front were controlled with custom programmed microcontrollers!
That scoreboard is just begging to have bigger numbers on it
A neat 15-second exposure of the tech area
The Anime Boston technical staff, hard at work to bring you another fine show
Most people bailed out after the AMV awards
Just a few people left for the Masquerade awards
A better shot of the ginormous Nintendo gun used in Duck Hunt
Dick Tripwire oddly pats a voice actor on the head
Dick Tripwire surveys the crowd
Look how many people showed up to Hentai Dubbing!
Yes, that's right. Hentai Dubbing was in Main Events this year!
Dick Tripwire cues up the DVD
Dick picked the guy on the right just cause it was so weird. "I don't even care if it's a chick in there, just get up here"
Dick and the voice actor performed what must be the first ever live music AMV
Mike asked Dick Tripwire to sign some hentai he had produced
Mr. Tripwire was happy to oblige
Quite a souvenir for Mike!
We found Pimp Mario, the guy who saved the day at Hentai Dubbing with his hilarious performance
I guess us anime fans are just a bunch of heathans
You are viewing images from 03/22/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 246 pictures.
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