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Welcome to my Anime Boston 2008 pictures! I have a lot of fun taking pictures at anime conventions, but half the fun is knowing that fans will be able to look through the pictures later on the internet. For this reason, I go to great lengths to make my pictures as accessable as possible, so rather than just throwing the pictures up, I put together these little headers to help you navigate through all the convention photos. The Anime Boston 2008 pictures are split up into three batches: pre-con, con, and post-con. Most of you are probably just interested in the main "con" batch, but the other batches are interesting too.

To make things easier on all of you, I also am including this complete listing of all my convention photos. I have pictures from all of the Anime Bostons as well as a few other cons, so be sure to look around.

Also, if I got your character's name wrong, or don't know, I'm sorry, I do my best. I can't watch every anime and play every game, so a lot of these costumes make no sense to me but are still awesome enough to take a picture of. Also, if I didn't get your picture, sorry, maybe next year. This especially applies to the Masquerade. I pretty much put up everything that wasn't blurry or too redundant.

If you have any questions, comments, caption suggestions, or if you notice I captioned something wrong, made a typo, or put up a picture that you would like removed, please do not hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from people who visit the site, so whether it's positive or negative, drop me a line.

You can contact me through:

Enjoy the pictures!
Bryce helps out with packing up this screen
Mike removes some screws
Mike and Bryce were on the black team, I was on red, but we were all in the "Tactical Umbrella Squad"
Staffers of all colors gather around
Bryce found some manga in a room
Bryce and Mike take a quick break
Dismantling the projector
Careful with that lens!
Everyone gets ready to pick up the projector
Mike helped lower a very large and expensive projector in Main Events
Main Events looks much larger when the wall separating it from Hall C was removed
Chair towers!
Mike coils some cable
This girl was in charge of picking up all the tape, the ball got pretty big
The ball grows!
Hey, it's Fred again! Now he's lowering cable
I found this on the floor
Well, I went to the website, but it was the anti-scientology site I'd already seen
Mike Lee in his element
The final ball. All this tape was just from Main Events, and I think it doesn't include the balcony
Bryce checks up on the internet
Mike takes a picture of the poor, collapsed crab
I take a picture of the poor, collapsed crab
Bye crab
A closeup on the front of my staff shirt
I lived in this shirt all weekend
The artwork for this year was a giant squid attacking Boston!
I got a red shirt when I was assigned to the red team for teardown
Tactical Umbrella Squad!
I bought this 1up shirt in the Dealer's Room!
I bought this NERV shirt in the Dealer's Room!
I finally have a Black Mesa shirt!
This shirt was a triumph!
And hell, why not. A lolzilla
I also got an Anime Boston patch
I managed to get this sweet Haruhi poster for free!
This wallscroll, however, was not free
All told I ended up with 7 shirts, a poster, a wall scroll, a water bottle, a patch, and some great pictures and memories. See you all next year!
You are viewing images from 03/23/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 38 pictures.
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