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I got photographed for some alumni thing.. I took a picture of the girl who went before me getting her picture taken
The photographer peeks out from behind the books
The photographer and the alumni person
Hi there!
Bus Force One?
Oh I'm sorry.. Ground Force One
Yep, it's that time of the year again
Tours are everywhere
This person had their window broken.. maintainence came by to fix it
The companion cube was drawn in the dust on this window!
The cafeteria staff needs to update their version of Windows, apparently
Bryce is ready for duty
Brett is ready to party
That's his vest from Ripp-o-ween, his bathrobe from St. Patrick's Day, and my WWII helmet
Dance to the left!
Dance to the right!
OK, this is just totally insane
Mike in a diner!
Mike and Nicole
Joe, Mike's little brother
Was the second arrow really necessary? I think it's probably covering the other side of a two-way arrow
James and Bryce following our car
This thing looks just like a GLaDOS sphere!
Tony prepares for combat!
Mortal Kombat!
Oh, I mean normal combat
A karate competition to be exact
Doing pushups
This guy thinks he's cool just cause his camera is bigger than mine
We all came to watch Tony and Shayna's match
Where does Bryce's lip end and James' earlobe begin? ...creepy.
Shayna waits to kick some ass
Shayna out on the mat
Ready for action
The match is about to begin
This guy was a total jerk. He made Shayna put on a helmet even though the rules didn't say she needed to
Starting a new round
So fierce
Tony is ready for action
Tony puts on his helmet
Tony is ready to rock
Tony fights!
Karate fighting!
I saw this sage advice on the wall in the bathroom
Mike with his new pipe
My sweet pipe
The top hat really completes the look
Don't worry, I don't smoke it often
Brett's parents bought him what might be the worst birthday present ever. But they did get him a car for Christmas
You are viewing images from 04/09/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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