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These cops pulled in front of us on the highway and made everyone slow down
It turned out to be because of construction on the road up ahead
Bryce chills out in a McDonalds
James is really loving his ice cream
Tony orders some late night food
We were in Bryce's house for about ten seconds when he opened a cabinet and sent pasta spilling everywhere
It's a pastastrophe
I finally met Pepper!
Bryce gives Pepper a hug
Bryce is determined to hold on
Pepper turns her attention back to Bryce
Oh no! Face licking!
What's up, Pepper?
Pepper was excited by all the people
I like her funny white ears
This one is actually kind of scary
Pepper was ready for fun when we woke up
James and Pepper chill on the couch
Pepper really liked James
Even Pepper thinks this picture is creepy
Speaking of creepy..
James actually know how to handle dogs, unlike me
Mr. Beepers!
What's outside?
What's over there?
What's over there!?
Pepper was quite a lounger
Dancing time
James is really enjoying his cheese steak
Bryce brought us to Jim's for authentic Phillie cheese steaks
Tony was more impressed than he looks here
Here's mine.. well, half of it anyway
Everyone sitting around at Jim's
Sitting around
Bryce took a wrong turn and we ended up going across the Benjamin Franklin bridge into New Jersey
At least I got some neat bridge pics
I only took a picture of this because James said "Millennium Falcon World!?"
What happened to the building under the billboard!?
Bryce made whoever was riding shotgun hold the EZ Pass up like this every time..
It's that bridge again
James is certainly having fun
A weird sculpture
Some skyscraper
Hey I know that guy
I love Central Phila
That's where we're heading
Ooo, Grand Theft Auto
Bryce was driving along
Squid sculpture?
Hey I know that place
This was a great shot until the truck drove in front of it. I just kept the picture to be able to say that
Bryce standing around in the zoo parking lot
James was really looking forward to the zoo
Alicia came too!
Yep, America's first zoo
Everyone walking into the park
Time to get tickets
Alicia and Bryce buy their tickets
This dude was talking for a TV camera
An elephant statue
Some neat fountain
Everyone looks at their park maps, figuring out where to go
Alicia apparently wants to go.. that-a-way
A kangaroo!
They actually are really weird to see in person
We called this guy loungie
It's strange to see them walk instead of hop
An emu!
This guy looks.. poisonous
Creepy snake
Hi snake
A snake hiding under a branch
Bryce really liked these guys becuase of how they were sleeping
They just kind of folded themselves up
A boa constrictor!
He was pretty big
Another boa
What is this, Slytherin house?
A chameleon
I called this guy the "turd lizard"
This is why.. look at him from above
Pitcher plants! I've never seen them in person
Venus fly traps!
It's tough to see how big this alligator was in this picture
He was pretty big
A crocodile
Nile crocodiles! They sat like this the whole time
A peacock strutting around
A peacock from behind
There were some peahens wandering around too
Some zoo workers were in the tortoise pen
With a human next to it, you can really tell how big the tortoises are
Another tortoise
They're getting closer!
They don't move very fast
Closer still!
A rhino!
He's like body armor with legs
I'm not sure what this guy is but he reminded me of the GNU logo. I don't think he's actually a gnu though
The peacock finally turned around
An elephant!
He was reaching around with his trunk
Another elephant
A zoo worker tends to the rhino
Heeey rhino
James snaps a picture of the rhino on his cell phone
James was really stoked
Om nom nom
nom nom nom
"Hey! Eat the food in your own pen!"
The sneaky elephant is after the rhino's food
This guy walked up to the glass, looked around a bit, and walked off
There he goes
Off into the wild blue yonder
These guys were probably the highlight of the trip
It was nearly impossible to get a picture of them because they were constantly moving
They were really fun to watch
A mommy monkey with a baby on her back!
This guy kept trying to get through the grate
What are you looking at?
Looking around at the other monkeys
This guy was pretty cool
Some kind of monkey
Looking outside
This monkey is kind of gross, especially when you notice she's peeing
This guy was really funny. He was just idly pulling hay or something off of a net
Sometimes he'd eat a little
Tony, Bryce, and James watching the gibbons
A gibbon!
Sadly, he had no ribbon
The orangutan was chilling out in the moat-like area
Bryce and Alicia look at the animals
It was tough to get a good picture of the lion because of the fence
Don't you give me that crazy look
I think this is a panther
A lioness
The tigers were pretty cool
He kept his mouth open for a while
Time to relax
Hey Tony
Click on this picture, the peacock is really funny
A peahen up close
A duck!
The most detailed picture of a Canadian goose I ever hope to take
The goose was here of his own free will
A prairie dog
He was checking us out
The bald eagles look pretty majestic, until they whip their head around to a weird angle like this
That's more like it
The cheetah exhibit was actually a little worrisome
As you can tell by the quality of the picture, there was no fence or glass or anything
If they jumped like eight feet they would've been out
I guess the zoo people know what they're doing
The cheetah sits down for a bit
What's over there?
A white-nosed coati looks around for bugs
I bet that's the last coati, white-nosed or otherwise, I'll see
A rhino with the full horn!
His "armor" wasn't quite as impressive though
He was smelling the ground for.. something
Bryce poses with the giraffe
A picture of Alicia trying to get a decent picture of Bryce
Bryce busts out the "McCoy pose"
A giraffe eating some leaves
A giraffe!
See? Black tongue!
Alicia and Bryce near the giraffe
Taking a self picture
Alicia claims Bryce was messing them up on purpose
Even I got in on the self-picture fun
Got any toys for me, giraffe?
The latest in the "excited James poses near animals" series
It was a little difficult to tell where one ended and another started, but I guess that's kind of the idea
Alicia stands near the zoo balloon
It's an actual balloon that will go up and down on a cable
Zoo-per size? That sounds familiar..
Oh yeah, Zoopers!
I figured Melrose James would get a kick out of this place's address
James and Bryce's dad at Kabuki
Bryce's parents took us out for sushi!
What's up Bryce?
We had champagne!
The sushi guy behind his counter
Proposing a toast
Toast time!
Toasting to graduation
Miso soup
Soy sauce and wasabi
They PREFER Discover!? This is my new favorite restaurant
James and Tony at the end of the table
My sushi platter was delicious
For some reason there was a Lockheed Martin building amongst the Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and movie theater..
A blast from the past! Tornado Rex!
These hikers don't know what they're in for
Oh no! Tornado Rex!
We had way too much fun with this game
This dude had three cats just chilling in his back seat!
Driving back to Massachusetts!
You are viewing images from 05/08/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 204 pictures.
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