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Brandon found this in a chair near the garbage and put it in Brett's bed
James eating pizza at the Late Night ressurection thing
James had fun with it
Clark James has, without a doubt, the coolest yearbook quote ever
Bryce at the awkard senior brunch thing
James had a little trouble getting his sweatshirt off
Rosie got crammed into the corner
Brandon and Smash got near the aisle
Construction has already started on the new library section
This used to be the 24 hour study room
Construction guy tearing stuff up
The stairs are gone!
A big chunk of the ramp too
Bulldozer thing
Pushing debris around
Outside of Hughes
The infamous Meatwad car. Why is it called the Meatwad car?
Because Meatwad is on it
It hasn't moved since last year....
That tree
The stupid party tent
I hate this tent
The Florence St Apartment thought it would be cool to get Moe's catering
The food came in giant boxes
James and Bryce unpacking food
There was way too much food
Lots of condiments
Cheese, beans, beef.. all kinds of stuff
Bryce and James moving stuff around
The food again
What's in the tray, Tony?
Tony poses with the burritos
Tony and Michele goofing off
Why does everyone look so tense?
A burrito is missing!
How did this happen??
Mike made this cool skeleton
Everyone digs in
Om nom nom nom
The quote wall
Hanging out on the couch
Mike and Nicole
Brett looks thoughtful
Patrick has been evicted
I'd be upset too
Mike drew this awesome picture for my temporary website
Bryce is hard at work on our Clark video
So tell us Bryce.. what's the most important part of video editing?
Ah, drinking
The seats for the Clark video viewing
You are viewing images from 05/15/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 53 pictures.
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