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I spotted Tony at the graduation brunch
Mom and Becky came out
Aunt Kathy came too
Becky had fun at brunch
Brandon and Smashley in their gowns
Mel was there too
Bryce is as weird as always
Everyone standing around trying to figure out what to do
Mike puts on his golden rope dealy
James helps Bryce with his hood
Brett with his stuff on
Mel is all ready to attend Hogwarts
Rosie, Mike, and Nicole
Tony seems confounded by the tassel
Horia found us!
Brandon helps James with his hood
Brett and Rosie
Rosie standing around
Mike documents the event
Camera showdown!
Bryce looking around
Mike looking around.. in an oddly similar manner
Tony and Shayna are looking good
Laura found us
Laura and Mike are rocking the caps
Mike takes some more pictures
Brett is looking good
Time to go inside
This is how they organized us
Brandon filling out the survey they left for us
Mike and Mel
I found Rosie!
The view from the grid
Looking around the gym
Lots of people
This guy had the coolest hat
Joe has been spotted!
James had one of the dreaded "start row" cards.. lots of responsibility
Alex Abels!
Professor Joyce in his robes
Nice tie
Oh jeez.. everyone is leaving!
Walking out of the Kneller!
Walking past Wright
This girl brought her dog for the event.. the dog walked with her!
Oh man, lots of people
There were a ton of people taking pictures
So many people!
The line continues behind me
People were willing to do anything for a good view
It was a really strange people
Alina is psyched!
Everyone.. is staring.. at me.
Time to get under the tent
Brett standing around
The view from my seat while standing up
Someone talks about something..
Looking down my row
The view from my seat...
The stage!
This guy was clearly psyched
Well, this is it
My $130,000 piece of paper!
Mike walking.. this is why I didn't bother taking any other pictures of people getting their degree
Everyone standing around afterwards
Graduation tent
I are a college graduate
Graduation party at my Mom's house!
Dad and Uncle Chris chatting it up
Matt the Mat spotted my camera and made a face
Aunt Regina standing around
Looks like she's having fun
Uncle Jim was there too
Uncle Jim takes a sip from his drink
Dad brought his spiffy disposable camera
Camera showdown!
Mom got a Clark cake!
Matt hanging out
Gragra and Dad on the couch
Aunt Teresa and Aunt Regina
Looking through the graduation program
Aunt Regina and Aunt Kathy
Mom and Gragra
Maureen brought and iPhone and speakers
Betty came too! And yes, I did graduation in my NERV shirt
Kate pours some champagne
Everyone standing around
A toast!
My cake is being eaten!
Uncle Jim plays the piano
Mom and Gragra hug
Singing to piano music
The excitement never ends
The couch is party central
Uncle Jim played for a while
Becky and Meghan
Matt is apparently meditating
Uncle Chris takes a picture
O'Connells in the O'Corner
Betty finally gave in and played some piano
Becky, me, and Mom
Whoa.. somehow someone convinced all of us to pose together
After the main party, some Clark friends came out
Smash and Michele on the couch
Becky hung out too
Brett and Rosie
You are viewing images from 05/19/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 109 pictures.
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