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Space bags are neat. Here's the before shot
Here's the after shot
Mike looks something up on Navi
Hi Mike
Who's that guy in the chair?
Hmm.. he seems familiar
Well there's Carl..
Oh it's Wacko! Jon and his friend Carl crashed at my Mom's house for a couple of nights
Becky made me a mix CD for our drive
Mom checks out the car
Bye Becky! See you in a few months!
Bye Gragra!
This is my new GPS unit. I named it Cortana and can never drive without it again
A huge cargo jet flew by on our way out of Massachusetts
There it goes!
Neat hills
On the open road..
New York!
Old bridge, new bridge
Blue bridge
..old bridge
Pretty far from Buffalo
$3.99 gas!
More cows
Mom on the phone at a rest stop
Leaving the rest stop
Houses in the distance
Cloud shelf
Blasted rock
Sloping street
The hotel at the Day's Inn
Mom stuffs her bag into the car
What's that in the distance?
It's Lake Erie!
Haha, adult superstore
And there it is!
Street signs!
We were in Pennsylvania for a little while
Lake Erie again
A neat shot of the road with a bridge
I'm not even going to touch this one
The highest I saw was $4.01 but I couldn't manage to get a picture of it
A fireworks and karate store!?
Same plane
Welcome to Ohio!
Well I guess I'm really going!
Muffie is in Ohio?? Who knew
Near Cleveland..
Now that's an odd glitch..
Funny, I always thought it was in Maine
We had perfect weather
Cortana guided us well
Driving along..
Mom driving
You can't really tell here but this guy was perpendicular to the road on an overpass.. probably from an accident
What the hell??
Oh jeez. Time to get gas!
Mom wanted to go to this place
Highway shimmer!
What's with all the A's?
Mom got a kick out of the giant fries
Ohio barrn!
A sight I quickly became used to
Our first Dayton sign!
Another Dayton sign
Is this their headquarters?
Now.. is that "JESUS IS REAL" or "JESUS ISREAL"
A follow-up sign!
A military plane coming in for a landing! We must be near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base!
The plane over the highway
And away it goes
The first WPAFB sign!
Oh my god!
It's the Air Force museum! We're almost there!
The base is huge!!
Oh my god!! That's my street!
Ahhh! It's my apartment commplex!
My street!
My building!
Mom in my apartment
It comes with an AC!
Mom texts people letting them know we're there
My kitchen!
I took a picture of this damage in case I got blamed for it
My mom stands in the empty room
A ceiling fan!
My bedroom!
I have a giant closet
The bedroom door
Highwind was the first thing in the door
Mom moves stuff into the kitchen
That's my apartment complex!
My inflatable bed is ENORMOUS
My mom put some sheets on my bed
Making the bed
This kid was right outside my apartment
We forgot shower curtain hooks so Mom resorted to duct tape
Yep.. Duct tape.
I got an enormous table for my computer. I love it
The pile of stuff that needs to be unpacked
My bed is all made up nice
My car!
This is the view from the sidewalk just outside my apartment
The Dayton skyline
There are a lot of "turn only" lanes here
I just thought this sign was neat
A giant train
A satellite dish
The building in the back is City Hall
A creepy statue!
What the hell??
A fancy church
A tandem bike
A weird antenna tower
I thought this building was interesting..
Oh boy
The Dayton cops are everywhere and really love that radar gun
I cut him off a little, but you can see the cop with the radar gun out
This guy was walking down the highway
Probably related to this car
This one's for you, Mike
My temporary chair
I love my giant table
I needed a new TV, so I got a small HDTV
The room is much nicer with my posters up
I also got a tree lamp
Flight of the Conchords on my sweet new TV!
You are viewing images from 05/26/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 135 pictures.
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