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My sweet desk setup with the TV and monitor
Same setup with flash
Mom in the parking lot outside the museum
A neat monument thing
We decided to check out the monument outside
A big medal
A propellor
An airplane.. on a stick
A model of the Wright Flyer
World War I planes
Mom actually read the stuff, I was mostly here to take pictures
Wright Flyer and flag
A propeller from a Wright Brothers plane
A longer exposure of the Wright Flyer
An old plane
An early wind tunnel
Another early plane
Some engine
Planes still had propellers at this point
A rotary engine
Nice stripes
Mom stands in front of Stripes
I'm glad I brought my tripod
A later wind tunnel
This guy was at a crazy angle
Mom stands in front of the big wind tunnel
Funnt dudes in a basket
Another old plane
Good advice
A flying torpedo
Just for comparison, here's a picture with the tripod and long exposure..
.. and one with flash. This is what all the chump tourists see when they get home
Crazy Angle Man again
Planes with no skins
A war plane?
Looks like it
A neat metal plane
There were lots of funny statues
The engines started getting bigger
Looks like the blue angels
Mom tries to get reception
Wing frame
The planes are getting pretty big
Neat lighting
Army plane!
A big blimp!
Mom standing in front of the weird helicopter plane
Great grandfather of the Osprey?
Yellow plane
Me and Mom in front of a bomb
A long exposure of the blimp
Mom next to the funny little plane
Tiny plane
Tiny plane again
Lots of planes
Some weird foreign plane
Another silver
Looking snazzy
I love the light flares
Oh noes, a crash!
Mom stands next to the giant wheel
Uhoh, someone's in trouble
Another weird statue
86? Good number
Lots of silvers
A funny little early simulator
WWII planes
A shark plane
Starting to get bigger
I think that's a fuel pod on the bottom
Lots of planes hanging around
A neat engine
A bomber?
A mdeic plane..
Mom's not really a pilot
Another bomber
Orange again
Silver and yellow
A plane shadow
Target practice planes
Machine guns in the front
This is the plane my great uncle Will flew
What a coincidence, it's got Strawberry's name in it
Even more of a coincidence, part of the communication system is called "Rebecca"
Mom in front of the Strawberry Bitch
Snazzy artwork
The back of the Liberator
The long exposures really make the difference
A sweet 360 near the Strawberry Bitch
Another fighter
A big engine
That's a lot of bombs on the side
At this point I went back to auto-white balance
Me in front of a V2
A V1 buzz bomb
Another bomber with some snazzy WWII artwork
Too bad modern warplanes don't do this
A ball gunner's ball
I tried to give it some scale by standing in front of it but I couldn't really get close enough
A Messerschmitt, the first fighter jet
The jet engine
One of those weird tiny German rocket planes
The V2 again
My mom thought my grandmother might want to see this
Clark Gable part 2
Clark Gable part 3
Big plane
Lots of Japanese kills..
Lots of bombs
Now this looks familiar..
It's a B-29
A Fatman bomb!
I stand in front of the Plutonium implosion device
A Uranium Gun device
Little Boy
This plane's pretty dark..
The back of the B-29
Skipping forward a bit.. The F-22 Raptor!
The engines on the Raptor are incredible
I didn't have time to go explore that area.. next time
Some UAV. Looks familiar but I can't remember the name
A Predator!
The cafeteria tray
This reminded me of "C'Mon!"
A hydrogen bomb
Somehow I got Mom to hug it
It's pretty sobering to see it right there next to what it's capable of
Some bomber
Some weird plane
A B-2.. the stealth bomber
That Boeing UAV they're always showing off
The B-2 is pretty incredible up close
The probe on the front of some fighter
The same fighter from a little farther off
The back of the SR-71 Blackbird
One of the most incredible aircraft ever built
The engine of the Blackbird
The front of the engines of the Blackbird
The front of the Blackbird
Looking down the front of the Blackbird
Atomic weapons
I bumped the tripod by accident so I walked away with it in the middle of the shot.. kind of a neat effect
Looks like a fission bomb
The fusion bombs were really spooky
The fission bomb again
The real Apollo 15 Command Module
The side of the Command Module
The Dyna-soar
Mom standing in front of a Mercury capsule
They were really small
A Gemini capsule
They're so small! Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in one of these!
The bottom of a Mercury capsule
The payload of a Peacekeeper missile.. it kind of exudes evil
ICBMs.. the dark side of the space program
The engines on an ICBM
An inertial guidance system. It's essentially a giant Wiimote
The engine on a V2
The capsule used in the highest parachute jump
The B-2, U-2, and SR-71
The Stealth Bomber and the Blackbird
Mom in a fighter cockpit
It was fun being in the cockpit
You are viewing images from 05/27/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 175 pictures.
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