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My mailman ignored this for like two days!! WTF??
This kid has Cloud's Sword!
Whoa! Look out Cloud Kid!
He's so strong
These guys were tearing down the roof across the street
This is the "road" that Cortana sent me down in search of gas
Bryce holds back Pepper
Bryce talks to Tony
Bryce, Alan, Amanda, Vic, and I headed over to Matt's house for BBQ and fireworks.. lots of new faces
Alan, Amanda, and Vic hang out on the back porch
This guy brought some tiny cannons
Bryce was having fun
Cover your ears!
Everyone gathered around the cannons
Alan was pretty into taking pictures
Vic doesn't care about his hearing. Amanda does.
So does Bryce
Preparing a tiny cannon
Bryce was pretty relaxes
We eventually moved to the backyard because the cannons were too loud for the people in front
It took around fifteen attempts for this shot, but it came out pretty great
Rain on the lens and tiny cannon firing
Matt's house is really really close to where they set off the firework display
This is the view from his front porch
You could really feel the blast
Eventually a car alarm went off
Alan convinced Bryce and I to leave the front porch in favor of the back yard. Everyone else thought he was crazy
Alan totally called it
The backyard ruled. The view was way better and there was a pole I could use as a monopod
This one is really incredible, especially when you view the full size
Gotta love the bright white ones
A lull in the display
This one is all dripply
The finale is getting closer
The finale got a little out of control and totally overexposed the picture
There was a USED HAT in the toy claw machine
Everyone gathered for the Otakon AMV pre-screening
There were a lot of notable AMV creators there
It was pretty crowded
Bryce is looking a little weird..
The couch was overcrowded
Jefferson lounging on the floor
Good times were had by all
Pepper and Bryce
They're good buddies
Setting up for the Otaku Generation podcast
Matt and Bryce
Alan's projector and Jefferson
Bryce reads his Fanboy Forecast
This week Bryce reviewed God of War: Chains of Olympus
Lots of glowing monitors and such
Matt suddenly started screaming... well not really
Jefferson looks at.. something
I think Jefferson is on to me
Alan got out his magic photo.. pole
The podcast being recorded
The mixer board
Some sweet origami and pushies
I caught Alan's camera at the beginning of a flash
This is the webcam that people watch through on the stream
Getting a picture through the stream view
We got to watch the stream live
After Dan left I got his microphone!
My spiffy microphone
A closeup of the mic
Alan behind his microphone
What's with the elastics, Alan?
Bryce's review went on for a while
Almost done!
One last non-flash picture
$4.31?? What the hell!?
A wind farm!
Wind farms rule!
I took about twenty pictures while not looking.. a few came out pretty good
Gotta love tolls..
Ever paid fourteen bucks for a toll? I have.
Driving along
A bridge!
Take me hoooome, country roooads
The speed limit is 70 miles per hour!
This sign seems kind of pointless
There are a lot of confrontational and religious signs out in this part of the country..
Another bridge
Back in Ohio!
That's probably good advice. It's hard to smoke a gas anyway
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You are viewing images from 07/08/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 93 pictures.
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