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Bryce and I walked for quite a while to find this guy
The line was really really long but moved surprisingly fast
Inside was pretty crowded
I like the beams
There were a lot of registration areas
Anime Boston could learn a thing or two from this setup
I had to go with the Kimba the White Lion badge
Bryce went with some lame badge from Street Fighter or something..
Ah, the DS's are out tonight
A common sight throughout the weekend
People milling around registration
VicBond standing around
Albert and Bryce
People outside on Friday morning
Walking along..
There were always lines
Pre-reg lines, registration lines, event lines..
The line continues
Entering another part of the building
More line shots
I think you get the idea
It only gets worse indoors
Since Bryce was an AMV Contest finalist this year, he got a special badge to get into the event.. me and Tony got these
Otaku everywhere!
There were always people leaning over the railings
Another nice escalator shot
Albert gets a crowd shot
Another Engineer!
Hanging out in Video 1 watching AMV Overflow
I'd alread seen all these videos in the 8 hour marathon pre-screening, but it was still nice to see them again
I wish I had gotten a better picture of these guys.. they were the new FOXHOUND unit from MGS4
Flags and otaku
Shoot-em-ups in the game room
He's got the intelligence! Luckily I'm on Blue Team so I didn't care
Guitar Hero time!
Bryce and McKeed play some Naruto game
They creamed the other guys
It's too bad there was only one Rock Band station
A nice panorama of the game room
People walking around the game room
Cool ceiling with a long exposure
I highlighted events I really wanted to see so I wouldn't miss something
This guy was having trouble getting out of his costume
Shots like this is why I love conventions. Surreal sights of anime and video game characters doing normal things
There were a few Spartans wandering around
It's Psycho Mantis!
Another crowd shot
Banana Suit Man again!
The escalator was a great place for crowd shots
Scintilla of Aqualine Studios did a great L
He even brought candy!
A few Jokers standing around
It's the pre-reg line! Where's Tony?
Bryce refused to participate in a con-survival show on OG.. and this is what happened
A Rakka cosplayer! I haven't seen one in years, great job!
An excellent sniper cosplay, excellent work
This Reki was really cool but kind of hassled me. I think she was just messing around
A great Gordon Freeman!
Captain N!
King Hippo! Now that's a rare cosplay
Quail Man!
I don't know who these guys were but they were already posing for someone else
An impressive Heavy
I got another angle as he posed for someone else
Ah, the classics
Sailor Scouts!
Walking through Baltimore
A building..
Albert and Bryce walking ahead of me
A Metal Gear Solid soldier saw me!
Gentlemen... behold! Dr. Weird!
I'm not sure who these guys are, but they had some spiffy costumes
A Soldier and a Pyro!
A mass objection!
So many Phoenix Wright Lawyers.... I think
Navi!! Hey! Listen!
I took this one without thinking much about it but it came out really great
This is another picture I took in a snap without thinking about it.. came out great!
The pointers!
Big crowd, but this was only a medium amount for that area. It got much more crowded at times
Bryce is having a good time
A helicopter was hovering nearby.. just... watching.
Tony looks like he's having fun
Hall shot
Bryce standing around
A demoman!
I didn't realize it at the time, but this is Z getting into the Meep Mop costume
These guys were pretty spiffy
Chad of PBC Productions explains how this workshop is going to work
Explaining stuff..
Setting up a green screen
What's that spy doing?
He's up to no good
Sneaky sneaky spy
A tiny Meep Mop!
The green screen is making progress
Meep Z... Z Mop...
Brett (Captain S) has his laptop set up for editing
Bryce waits for the event to start
Getting Final Cut Pro open
Meep Mop poses for a test shot
Meep Mop is so menacing
Explaining the scene
Ready to rock
Bryce and Tony look psyched
Getting the scene set
OK, maybe less psyched
This dude had a powerglove and a Virtual Boy!
Meep Mop and Wheeljack fight!
I filmed the filming of the filming
The fighting continued
Getting a shot of Captain S editing
Wheeljack closeup
This Wheeljack was actually a volunteer from the con
The projection over Chad's face
Bryce gets briefed on his role
He's going to throw Otakon into Meep Mop
Bryce prepares for his role
Get ready for throw #1
The overhand throw didn't go well, he totally missed
Chad and a tiny Meep Mop
Balancing Meep Mop
Me, Bryce, and Tony in a shot used in the final product
Chad signs Tony's Genesis controller
Very nice, Tony
I like the Otakon staff shirts
Editing the Meep Mop video
Meep Mop standing on Meep Mop!
Yoko from Gurren Lagann
The halls got a little empty later on
Nice companion cube!
Blue Army!
Crowd shot
Blue Army guy again
A nice Old Snake
I love escalator shots
These guys tried to hassle J-Bone and McKeed.
McKeed made them look like the idiots they are
Fireworks at a nearby baseball game!
White fireworks!
People standing around outside
The convention center
Vic, J-Bone, and Amanda
McKeed with his free hat
Albert is having a fun time
The AMV contest ballot
Vic is the president of VicBond-con
McKeed's all about the jazz fingers
VicBond and J-Bone
Funny joke
Amanda is having fun
My Engineer costume without the goggles
Engineer costume with goggles
OK, now this is pretty crowded. Note that this is the area I've taken several escalator shots from
McKeed on the phone
Looking over the menu
Tony decides what to order
Chopsticks are ready
Sitting around waiting for food
McKeed strains under the load of the giant sushi platter
We got a lot of sushi
Render chan sits on the stage during Iron Editor
Bryce concentrates on Iron Editor
The crowd at Iron Editor
Bryce working
McKeed, Bryce, and Vic during Iron Editor
I was on stage for a minute delivering a jump drive and took the opportunity to show Bryce's view of the crowd.. lots of people
Luigi, Peach, and Mario!
Bryce wears Tony's Bryce mask
Jefferson tries the Bryce mask
Tony was pretty proud of his mask, Bryce thought it was pretty funny
Albert's turn
McKeed emerging from Bryce's head
Jefferson dances!
Albert, McKeed, and Bryce
McKeed defended his title! Congrats, Iron Editor Bryce!
Bryce was pretty excited
A drunken SMS conversation between Bryce and Mike (VegettoEX)
A big sign in the distance
Bryce at dinner
Looking good, Bryce
Meri (who did the One Guitar AMV) poses for a picture
I caught a flash from the camera!
Baltimore lights
More Baltimore lights
A 30 second exposure!
The blue lines are from the elevators going up and down
Gross posing
Phone time
AMV creators
AMV nerds
Brad strikes a pose
Bryce at UNO's
Bryce and Mike
Mike looks like he's suspicious of something
McKeed and Joanna
Vic and Albert
Bryce is looking good in his "wife beater"
McKeed drunkenly explains stuff
It was a funny night
Nice license plate
The Harry Potter Puppet Pals!
Some cosplayers standing around
Meep Mop and Bryce!
Sonic in a crowd
Bryce with his Meep Mop
A sweet Bubblegum Crisis cosplay
I really like this shot because I took it through a hole in the crowd, so most of the people are blurry
My tiny Meep Mop!
Pedobear is chasing a girl! Look out!
Ahhh, pedobear!!
This PSP was watching me
A space shuttle / T-rex transformer!
This.. is a dude.
I didn't see this guy again, so I only got this shot from behind.. he's a Metal Gear Solid codec call!
We passed through Delaware on the way to and from the con
Driving back to Ohio
Nice skies
Gotta love the open road
Another confrontational religious billboard
An ominous cloud in the distance.. turned out to be nothing
Freaking $14 toll!
The Covenant Transport again!
I was stuck in traffic behind road work for like like 40 minutes
I hate road work
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