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This is supposed to be "sudoku" but it looked like root was trying to run the Quiznos logo
Bryce's washer went rogue
Our last line of defense
Bryce was thrilled
There were a strange number of birds outside
It's times like this I wish I had a screen on my window
James chilling out next to John's giant new HDTV
Everyone gathered around the bar
Hanging out
John chills on the couch
Bryce finally got to try Geometry Wars
Brett was having a good time
Nice hat, James
Standard Red Sox hat
Flo, Brett and Rosie's awesome cat
Nerf Russian Roulette! Loser has to take a shot!
Playing Xbox
The moment of truth
He survived!
Brett's up
Getting ready..
Pulling the trigger
James is up again
Don't look!
I can't even tell if he got shot or not
I love this shot
Alicia hanging out
Preparing another drink
Geometry Wars closeup
A longer exposure
Lots of action
It makes some cool patterns
Bryce is loving it
James playing with Flo
Standing around..
James takes Flo
James and Flow were best buds
Drinking, playing with cats, it doesn't get much better than this
Brett and Rosie
Tony and Brett on the couch
Brett solving the ol' Rubik's Cube
Brett at Moynihan's
Hanging out
James pours some beer
A beer on the bar
The bar at Moynihan's
Bryce sitting around
Oh Bryce, who gave you two drinks?
Hi John!
Rosie and Brett get some beer
James stnading around
James has got a beer
Shayna plays some pool
Watching the pool table
3 ball!
Rosie waiting for her turn
Brett takes a shot
James' turn
And the shot has been taken!
James looks over the table
Careful now
Rosie standing around
Rosie and Brett
Rosie's turn
Brett says something to Rosie
Shayna with the pool cue
Bryce, James, and Alicia hang out on the stools
Bryce and Alicia
Brett lines up a shot
Brett does a back shot
Pool balls
Brett and Rosie hanging out
Rosie lines up a shot
James and Tony
James lines up a shot from the corner
Brett considers his next move
John and James
James takes a moment with his beer
Is it possible to not look cool playing pool?
Brett waits for his turn
Rosie's up
Bryce and Tony weren't really paying attention
John has found the kind of change he can believe in
The bums in the corner
Bryce picking something up
Alicia and Tony
Resetting for another game
Get the balls in the triangle
Tony is ready
Pool ball triangle
The break
John was having a blast
Shayna lines up her next shot
Shayna and James
Nice shot!
Brett's up again
Alicia hanging out on the stools
Bryce and James pretend they don't know I'm taking a picture
"Try to look natural!"
Tony and Shayna
Some sort of altercation
Shayna is up again
Rosie standing around
Tony and Shayna standing around
Shayna and Tony
Brett and Rosie sitting on the bench
A cool shot of James
Me and Bryce
Brett leans on the table
James and Brett
James lounges on the stools
Looks like I've been spotted
John, James, and Shayna hanging out
Funny joke
Bryce and Alicia
Hi Alicia
Tony and James
A really weird shot of Bryce and James
Tony on his stool
James tells Bryce something funny
Good times
Bryce, Brett, and Rosie
James can't believe he just missed the winning shot
And continues to not be able to believe it
Be more careful this time
Flow was so much fun
What's down there?
James and Flo, the dynamic duo
Hi Flo!
Flo looks around
Flo hangs out with James
Getting ready to go get ice cream
Alicia and Bryce
Bryce and James
Setting up the GPS
Something funny?
James with his sunglasses
Alicia and Bryec
Looking good, James
James at the Clam Box, the restaurant where Shayna works
John came too!
Hi Rosie
Alicia and bryce
Brett's got ice cream!
James sitting around
What's up, James?
John and James
Alicia and Bryce having a good time
James laughing about something
Glasses OK?
Cool cool glasses
Bryce laughing at something
James really laughing at something
I forget what was so funny
Rosie digs into her ice cream
Brett sitting around
James is done with ice cream
Hi Rosie
The creepy creepy Clam Box mascot
Shayna working behind the counter
Time to go!
Thanks for the ice cream, Shayna!
That's not a rock!
Bryce in John's car
This was taken as we drove by
James poses before leaving for Thailand
This is the last time we'll see him for a year or more
We'll miss you James, have fun!
You are viewing images from 09/15/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 175 pictures.
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